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  1. Workshop 53: ITU Workshop on Internet and Climate Change

    ... The International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) organized a workshop at the IGF on “Internet and Climate Change” ...   The Workshop was moderated by Arthur Levin of the ITU and the available presentations are posted on-line.     ...


  2. Classified List of Contributions

    ...   International Telecommunication Union (ITU) ITU Connect 2020 Agenda The state of a broadband: broadband for all ...


  3. IGF 2017 2nd OC & MAG Meeting: General Information

    ... the meeting will be  Room K, Montbrillant Building, at ITU Headquarters, on 12 June & Room A, Tower Building, ITU, on 13 & 14 June, in Geneva ,  Switzerland:  ITU ...


  4. ITU event

    Topic: Informal consultation of the ITU Secretary-General on the role of governments in the multistakeholder ... international fora including the UN General Assembly, ITU, UNCTAD’s CSTD , IGF , ICANN, and several others.   ...


  5. 1st OC & MAG Meeting: 19-22 March 2018: Agenda

    ... March 2018 Popov Room 2 (20-21 March) & Room A, ITU Headquarters, Geneva and 2018 MAG Orientation, 19 March 2018 Room G3, ITU, Geneva Draft Agenda   The main purpose of the 3-day ...



    ... DEVELOPMENT OCTOBER 25, 2013 9:00 BALI ITU OPEN FORUM   The following is the output of the real-time ... that we have this. We initiated this discussion within the ITU, but it is a discussion that belongs everywhere, in each and every body, ...


  7. NOTES

    ... ‎ ‎9 The International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) is one of the many entities that recognise the multiple ‎dimensions of ... digital inclusion of marginalised groups. More details at ITU, Digital Inclusion, available at ‎ Pages/default.aspx ‎ ‎10 Our public ...

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  8. IGF 2015 Reports

    ... Open Internet International Telecommunication Union (ITU) - ITU Open Forum: Fostering SMEs in the ICT Sector –The new global ICT ...


  9. 6th Meeting of the Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Climate Change

    ... so early. I'm chairing this session on behalf of ITU . I'm a guest like you. I will start this session by giving you a ... was actually prepared by Christine Bueti who is at ITU and in charge of Study Group 5 on ICT and Climate Change at ITU. Briefly, the Dynamic Coalition, this is actually our 6th meeting for ...


  10. BPF Gender and Access (2016)

    ... & 联合国妇女署(UN WOMEN) 平等</ g2> 运动 最佳实践论坛(BPF)正在与国际电信联盟(ITU)和联合国计算与社会大学(UNU-CS)合作开展 ... 作为国际电联(ITU)和联合国妇女署(UN ...




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