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  1. FINISHED - 2014 09 02 - Opening Ceremony/Opening Session - Anadolu Auditorium

    ... the two people who invented the Internet, Mr. Vint Cerf, ITU Deputy General Secretary, and participants coming from 135 countries, I ... of the International Telecommunication Union, ITU.  Thank you very much.  (Applause). >> HOULIN ZHAO:  Thank you ...


  2. IGF 2017 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

    ... of the  International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ),  in  Geneva, Switzerland.  ...

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  3. IGF 2017 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Registration

    ... to also register to WSIS conference at in order to access ITU building. ...


  4. IGF 2017 Second Open Consultations & MAG Meeting

    ... of the International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ),  in Geneva, Switzerland.  ...


  5. In Kind Contributions

    ... G oogle ITU ...


  6. MAG 2016 Members

    ... Technology • International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) - Ms. Despoina Sareidaki, Policy Analyst • UN Conference on Trade ...


  7. Schneider Thomas (Mr), Head of international affairs, Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM), Switzerland

    ... Switzerland in a number of international fora (UN, ITU , ICANN/GAC, Council of Europe, OSCE, UNESCO, etc.). He is ... society (2006-2009). He is representing Switzerland in the ITU Council Working Group on WSIS )since 2005) and has been co-chairing the ITU ...


  8. Workshop Session 57: What will the web be like in 20 year's time?

    ... Event: IGF 2008 Organization: ITU and World Broadcasting Union   ...          Malcolm Johnson, Director ITU Telecom Standardisation Bureau (keynote address) ...


  9. Regulation and mitigation of "unsolicited" communications

    ... Publications by international organisations ITU ( )   WCIT 12 press release ...


  10. Report of the first meeting of the Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability (DCAD)

    ... about 30 participants. The DCAD Coordinator, Andrea Saks ( ITU ), wasn’t able to participate due to health problems; on her behalf ... who are members of the DCAD included Stefano Polidori (ITU-T/TSB), Peter Major (ITU-R/BR), Hiroshi Kawamura (DAISY Consortium), Jorge ...




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