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  1. Dynamic Coalition on Internet and Climate Change

    ... list} Mailing List A mailing list ( [email protected] ) has been set up to facilitate discussions among DC partners. ... and subscribe to dcicc which is located under the node ITU / ITU-T / Other Groups.   Additional information regarding the ...


  2. Transcript - 19 May 2014

    ... and I would like to invite the Secretary General of the ITU to open the meeting.    >> Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.  On behalf of the organization, ITU, UNESCO, and the UNCTAD, we welcome all the WSIS stakeholders to come ...


  3. IGF 2018 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Registration

    ... will take place) by following instructions on the  ITU Website . This registration will allow you to obtain a badge and access ...


  4. IGF 2019 Second Open Consultations and MAG Meeting

    ... place  at the  at the  Room A  of the   ITU  building in Geneva, Switzerland . ...

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  5. IGF 2019 2nd OC & MAG Meeting: Agenda

    ... 2019 International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) – Room A The purpose of the second round of IGF Open ...


  6. Open Consultation 23 February 2009 Transcript

    ... Hyderabad IGF.  And let me begin first by thanking the ITU for hosting us here and providing us with these very excellent facilities ... subsequently for two days of the advisory group meeting.  ITU has always been a consistent supporter of our process, has always been very ...


  7. IGF 2018 OF #8 Implementation of WSIS Action Lines for SDGs,WSIS Forum 2019

    ... is completely crowdsourced. Therefore, as organizers, ITU, UNESCO, UNCTAD and UNDP, are pleased to announce the Open Consultation ... of the Forum, scheduled to be held from 8-12 April 2019 at ITU HQ in Geneva.  The Agenda and Program of the WSIS Forum 2019 is ...

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    ... cross-cutting initiatives. For example, in 2010 the ITU and UNESCO established the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development; in 2016 the ITU, UN Women, the International Trade Centre (ITC), the GSM Association ... the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development, ITU’s Global Symposium for Regulators, the WSIS Forum, the ...

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  9. MCIR Workshop 70: On the Outside, Looking In: Real-World Solutions to Effective Participation

    ... Solutions to Effective Participation in ICANN, IGF and ITU ," and the idea is to talk about the pragmatic ways to participate in ... a number of years.  I have seen the evolution, creation of ITU, OECD and other organizations intimately.  I think the challenge is they ...


  10. IGF 2015 First Open Consultations and MAG Meeting 1 December

    ...  Before we start, I also have to read this.  The ITU has asked me to read this.  The ITU is pilot testing a system to allow the remote participation of delegates. ...

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