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  1. SOP Workshop 441: Framework for International Cooperation on Child Online Protection

    ... Child Online Protection. And it's organized jointly by ITU , and UNICEF ‑‑ and I am going to moderate this panel. So I am ... Protection at the Research Center.  And JeoungHee Kim from ITU.  Let me just give you a brief introduction to the panel.  As we all ...


  2. 2019 IGF - MAG - Virtual Meeting - XIII

    ... icing on the cake was the presence of Secretary General of ITU .  He appeared    we didn't know he was there, but he came and spoke to ...

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  3. MAG Digest 1 - 30 November, 2008.

    ... the meetings in February 2009. >  > Our ITU colleagues kindly agreed to let us have their conference   > ... >  > All meetings will take place at the ITU. (The details will be   > communicated in due course.) ...


  4. IGF 2018 DC Community Connectivity: When The Unconnected Build Connectivity (DC3)

    ... 2018 outcome of DC3 and is a joint publication of the ITU , FGV and ISOC . Furthermore, the session will stimulate discussion ... How to Build the Internet Yourself » published by FGV, ITU and InternetSociety, available here ...

    DC Session

  5. IGF 2018 WS #267 Capacity Building Programs for governments

    ... for governments, law maker and Law Enforcement Agencies ITU and ICANN will present their respective programs and how they are adapting ... regions". Ms Susan Teltscher is a US Citizen working for ITU and Mr Laurent Ferrali French Citizen working for ICANN ...

    Workshop Proposal

  6. BPF Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) - 2018

    ... forums and internet community i.e. ICANN, RIRs, IETF, ITU , AgID, IEE, OECD, etc. organizations that are already debating those ... working group on AI, IoT and Big Data (ICANN, RIRs, IETF, ITU, AgID, OECD, IEEE, etc.) to share results and best practices; 5. ...


  7. IGF 2019 Third Open Consultations and MAG Meeting Day 3

    ... intelligence, AI for Good summit which is organized by ITU , that also had the main theme for SDGs.  So there is this kind of ... SDG, I know that there has been a session on the last ITU convention on AI for Good.  I think we should be a little bit more ...

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    ... In order of presentation, we have Tomas Lamanauskas from ITU . Mr. Chung from OCD, Antonio. ( Missed) from the ... that interest induction is more than sufficient. In terms of ITU, it's good to remind us, it's a U.N. agency responsible for expertise, ...


  9. Athens Preparatory Contributions

    ... International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) Secretariat An Overview of ITU work on International Internet Interconnectivity [WORD] The ITU-T Study Group 17 work plan on countering spam [WORD] The ...


  10. IGF 2012 Workshop Proposal :: (No: 140) The International Telecommunication Regulations and Internet Governance: Multistakeholder Perspectives

    ... negotiated at an International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) conference in 1988. The ITRs combined and updated the treaties ... commercialization of the Internet). In the late 1990s, ITU members began to debate whether and how the ITRs should be revised to ...




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