Submitted Proposals

Organization: CYBERLAWS.NET
Title :
11. Four Sisters For Developing Countries - Information Security, Spam, Electronic Governance and Data Protection
Provide a concise formulation for the proposed workshop theme including its importance and relevance to the IGF.

The proposed workshop aims to bring forward the various legal issues and challenges that are facing developing countries in four connected areas, being Information Security, Spam, Electronic Governance and Data Protection. These four subjects and their legal connotations are extremely important from the persepctive of developing countires, who do not have the relevant expertise and resources to deal with such complicates subjects. What paameters need to be kept in mind by developing countries, when handling with such complex issues, forms the crux of the proposed workshop.

Provide the names and affiliations of the panellists you are planning to invite. Describe the main actors in the field and whether you have you approached them about their willingness to participate in proposed workshop.

  • R. Chandrashekhar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India
  • J. Satyanarayana , National Institute of Electronic Governance , India
  • Peng Hwa, Singapore
  • Pavan Duggal, Advocate, Supreme Court of India
  • Other relevant subject experts from developing countries

We would be happy to approach the relevant people for their willingness to participate in the proposed workshop.

Provide the name of the organizer(s) of the workshop and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups. Describe how you will take steps to adhere to the multi-stakeholder principle, including geographical diversity.

The name of the organiser of the workshop shall be Cyberlaws.Net ,Cyberlaws.Net, The Cyberlaw Consultancy, is Internet's unique and first ever consultancy dedicated exclusively to the new field of Cyberlaws.

We will take appropriate steps to abide by the multi-stakeholder principle by inviting the relevant stakeholders who are in the area of IDNs legal issues. We will also take care of geographical diversity to ensure that the potential speakers are from different geographical areas. We will also try to take care of gender balance.

Does the proposed workshop provide different perspectives on the issues under discussion?
Yes , the proposed workshop provides different perspectives on the issues under discussion. The proposed workshop aims to highlight some of these major challenges that developing countries face in the wake of facing challenges in the four areas under discussion. Information Security is crucial for the purpose of ensuring the security and stability of the computer networks of developing countries. Yet at the same time, developing countries have no clue of how to deal with the menace of spam. Electronic Governance holds the key for developing countires to leapfrog into the next level of the Internet and its usage. Similarly, Data Protection is extremely important from the perspective of developing countries inorder to ensure that their electronic commenrce regimes flourish. This proposed workshop shall aim to address these important issues and the legalities connected therewith, in the context of the specific needs of developing countries.
Please explain how the workshop will address issues relating to Internet governance and describe how the workshop conforms with the Tunis Agenda in terms of substance and the mandate of the IGF.
This workshop will definitely address issues relating to Internet Governance as it is dealing with all the four isues, which find mention, explicitly and implicitly, in the Tunis Agenda. The present workshop conform to the Tunis agenda , especially para 41 and 72. The proposed workshop is a step towards understanding the legal issues and challenges surrounding the four complicated topics and would aim to provide practical tips for developing countires on how to tackle such important yet complex issues.
List similar events you and/or any other IGF workshops you have organized in the past.
Cyberlaws.Net President Pavan Duggal , as President of Cyberlaw Asia, was the co-organiser of the IGF workshop on cyber crime Legislative responses at IGF, Rio 2007, alongwith Council of Europe.
Were you part of organizing a workshop last year? Which one? Did you submit a workshop report?
Pavan Duggal was a co-organiser and speaker and the IGF workshop on cyber crime Legislative responses at IGF, Rio 2007 , organized by Council of Europe and Cyberlaw Asia. The workshop report was submitted by Cyberlaw Asia to the lead organiser of the workshop, being Council of Europe.