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Organization: CYBERLAWS.NET
Title :
17. Emerging Cyberlaw Issues in 2009
Provide a concise formulation for the proposed workshop theme including its importance and relevance to the IGF.

The proposed to workshop will be trying to analyse and discuss about the various emerging cyberlaw issues that are most likely to become important and achieve centrestage attention in the year 2009. As Internet is growing, the number of complex legal issues facing nations, governments, societies and communities as also individuals is increasingly becoming more complex. The proposed workshop will seek to unravel the puzzle of what potential cyberlaw issues are likely to become hot in the year 2009 and how these issues and their further development will impact the growth of Internet in the times to come.

Provide the names and affiliations of the panellists you are planning to invite. Describe the main actors in the field and whether you have you approached them about their willingness to participate in proposed workshop.

  • Professor Susan Brenner
  • Michael Geist
  • Chief Justice of India
  • Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court
There are various academic scholars and legal experts who are all trying to contribute to the growth of cyberlaw as it is evolving. The workshop would also into invite such other subject experts as may be available and willing to contribute to the discussion in the workshop on the emerging cyberlaw trends in the year 2009. We propose to approach these people about their willingness to participate in the proposed workshop.
Provide the name of the organizer(s) of the workshop and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups. Describe how you will take steps to adhere to the multi-stakeholder principle, including geographical diversity.

The name of the organizer of the workshop shall be Cyberlaws.Net through its President, Pavan Duggal. Cyberlaws.Net, The Cyberlaw Consultancy, is Internet's unique and first ever consultancy dedicated exclusively to the new field of Cyberlaws.

We will take appropriate steps to abide by the multi-stakeholder principle by inviting the relevant stakeholders who are in the area of Cyberlaw . Steps will be taken to ensure compliance with the multi-stakeholder principle by inviting appropriate legal experts from different stakeholders.  In addition, geographical diversity will be appropriately addressed by trying to bring people from different parts of the world. Gender balance will also be taken appropriate care of.

Does the proposed workshop provide different perspectives on the issues under discussion?

The proposed workshop will seek to provide different perspectives on various cyberlaw issues that are likely to emerge in the year 2009 and how they would impact the growth of Internet in the coming year. These issues would include issues pertaining to the next generation computing, data protection, mobile revolution, emerging technologies, surveillance and Internet security etc

Please explain how the workshop will address issues relating to Internet governance and describe how the workshop conforms with the Tunis Agenda in terms of substance and the mandate of the IGF.

The proposed workshop will address issues relating to Internet governance by specifically addressing the emerging legal issues that are likely to impact the future development and growth of Internet as a unique medium. In doing so, the proposed workshop will  conform with the Tunis Agenda , especially para 68 thereof. These cyberlaw issues are those, in addressing whom all governments would have an equal role and responsibility for international Internet governance and for ensuring the stability, security and continuity of the Internet. The proposed workshop would further adhere to the principle enshrined in para 72(a) of the Tunis Agenda by fostering debate and discussion on public policy issues related to key elements of Internet governance in order to foster the sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet.

List similar events you and/or any other IGF workshops you have organized in the past.

Pavan Duggal , as President of Cyberlaw Asia, was the co-organiser of the IGF workshop on cyber crime Legislative responses at IGF, Rio 2007, alongwith Council of Europe
Were you part of organizing a workshop last year? Which one? Did you submit a workshop report?
Pavan Duggal was a co-organiser and speaker and the IGF workshop on cyber crime Legislative responses at IGF, Rio 2007 , organized by Council of Europe and Cyberlaw Asia. The workshop report was submitted by Cyberlaw Asia to the lead organiser of the workshop, being Council of Europe.