Submitted Proposals

Organization: ANSI
Title :
29. Building confidence and security in the use of ICTs for African countries
Provide a concise formulation for the proposed workshop theme including its importance and relevance to the IGF.

Considering the observed gap between African countries and other countries over the world, and considering the advanced experience of Tunisia in the fields of ICT and Security, the aim of the proposed workshop is to share experience and to deal with ICT security basics and best practices. This event would lead to establish a collaboration network involving several stakeholders over the continent, to reach confidence on ICT use. 

Provide the names and affiliations of the panellists you are planning to invite. Describe the main actors in the field and whether you have you approached them about their willingness to participate in proposed workshop.

The panellists will discuss the main difficulties faced by African countries and what should be done to address cyber security issues to reach confidence in using ICTs. They could be as following :

  • Mr Belhassen Zouari, Professor, CEO, National Agency for Computer Security (CERT-TCC)- Tunisia
  • Mr Marco Obiso, ITU
  • Ms TE Netshitenzhe, CEO, Electronic Communications Security (E-ComSec), South Africa - Mr Pierre OUEDRAOGO, Institut de la Francophonie numérique (IFN)- (OIF)
  • Mr Seymour Goodman, Professor, Georgia Tech Institute, USA
Provide the name of the organizer(s) of the workshop and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups. Describe how you will take steps to adhere to the multi-stakeholder principle, including geographical diversity.

Mr Belhassen Zouari:

- CEO, National Agency for Computer Security (CERT-TCC)- Tunisia 

- Professor, University of Tunis

The panellists will be requested to participate to the workshop programme

Does the proposed workshop provide different perspectives on the issues under discussion?

Yes. we are intending to ensure perspectives regarding both the challenges and the potential approaches to address them. The workshop will address experiences, best practices and initiatives to raise the security level in African countries.


Please explain how the workshop will address issues relating to Internet governance and describe how the workshop conforms with the Tunis Agenda in terms of substance and the mandate of the IGF.

The workshop theme is in direct line with IGF and WSIS recommendations and action lines, and in particular regarding the "digital divide" and "interregional collaboration" .


List similar events you and/or any other IGF workshops you have organized in the past.

We participate in organizing numerous cyber security events at the national, regional and international levels, as :

- a Tunisian national event, (April 2008, around 300 persons involved)

- ITU regional event (west Africa countries) in Capverde, (February 2008)

- OIC-Cert meeting (Computer Emergency Response Teams- Countries of the Islamic conference), (April 2008)

- an Ivory Coast national event, (june 2008)

Were you part of organizing a workshop last year? Which one? Did you submit a workshop report?