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Main Sessions

Reaching the Next Billion

Panel Discussion:

  • Access
  • Multilingualism
Promoting Cyber-Security and Trust

Panel Discussion:

Managing Critical Internet Resources

Panel Discussion:

Emerging Issues - the Internet of Tomorrow

Taking Stock and the Way Forward

Workshop List

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1. Access: Bootstrapping ccTLD growth and development in developing countries AFTLD
12. Internet accessibility for people with disabilities Council of Europe
2. Challenges facing Internet operators in developing countries APNIC
3. Digital convergence beyond technology: socio-economic benefits, SMEs & public policy ICC
4. Internationalized Domain Names: Myths and Opportunities ICANN
6. Getting the Pacific online – Access Challenges, Issues & Opportunities PITA
7. Low Cost Sustainability Access Digital Empowerment Foundation
77. Internet for All - Exploring a Rights-based Approach Internet Governance Caucus
8. Promoting pro-poor access to ICTs APC
Diversity (4)
9. Including Accessibility and Human Factors in the Universalization of the Internet - How to reach persons with disabilities, the 10% of the next billion ITU
10. Access to Local Culture and Language (ALCL) National Internet Development Agency
11. Four Sisters For Developing Countries - Information Security, Spam, Electronic Governance and Data Protection CYBERLAWS.NET
13. Legal Challenges Before Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) CYBERLAWS.NET
Openness (15)
14. Access to Public Held Information with a Development Perspective UNESCO
15. Delivering universal access and public value of the Internet: a goal of national information policy Council of Europe
16. Digital Content Strategies and Policies OECD
17. Emerging Cyberlaw Issues in 2009 CYBERLAWS.NET
18. Expression and image online - building an evolving personal identity Council of Europe
19. Freedom of Expression in cyberspace: Internet Filtering and Censorship UNESCO
20. Governance for gatekeepers – shaping access to the Internet Council of Europe and World Broadcasting Union
21. Knowledge as a Global Public Good: How Fair Use, Open Source and ICT Standards Can Expand Digital Inclusion Knowledge Ecology International
22. Lessons Learned from the Engagement and Facilitation of Internet Users into Policy Development and Processes within ICANN via the ICANN Board's At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC). ICANN - ALAC
23. Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Digital Education Yale University
24. Reforming the International ICT Standardization System Sun Microsystems
25. Steps toward an Internet that is multilingual, yet remains global ISOC
26. Towards a code of good practice on public participation in Internet governance - Building on the principles of WSIS and the Aarhus Convention Council of Europe
27. WIPO Workshop on Digital Identifiers and IPRs: Enabling Access to Content World Intellectual Property Organization
65. Mainstreaming human rights in the work of the IGF Global Partners and Associates
Security (9 )
28. An Interpol for the Internet? CSDMS
29. Building confidence and security in the use of ICTs for African countries ANSI
31. Child Safety Online: measures to protect children from exploitation – the challenge of keeping pace with technological developments ECPAT International
32. Dignity, security and privacy of children on the Internet – applying international law to protect their best interests Council of Europe
33. Global Culture for Cybersecurity China Association for Science and Technology
34. Medicines on the web - risks and benefits Council of Europe
36. Strategies to prevent and fight child pornography on Developing Countries SaferNet Brazil
37. The internet goes mobile - child protection in the always connected age eNACSO
88. The protection of personal data and privacy in the information society : towards an international instrument with a global reach? UNESCO
Critical Internet Resources  (8)
38. Around the world in Eight ccTLDs CENTR
40. Evolution of the Root Server System Global Internet Policy Initiative
42. IPV6: The Solution for the Future Internet ERNET
43. Legal Aspects of Governance of Critical Internet Resources Functions – Contributing to Capacity Through Legal Analysis World Bank
45. Opening to diversity and competition the DNS system ENSTA
46. The Future of ICANN: After the JPA, What? Internet Governance Project
47. The Internet of things : how to reach the first billion of objects GS1
48. Understanding Internet Infrastructure: an Overview of Technology and Terminology Packet Clearing House
Development and Capacity Building (11 )
49. A Development Agenda for Internet Governance: From Principle to Practice Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies
50. Can Internet governance change global futures? Or will global futures change Internet governance? Using scenarios to map the relationship between Internet Governance and other global challenges. IISD
51. How to take your Internet further ISOC-ECC
52. ICTs and an Environmentally Sustainable Internet: Another Challenge of Connecting the Next Billion Internet Users Global Information Infrastructure Commission
53. Internet and Climate Change ITU
55. Resurrection of Online Dispute Resolution Chinese Domain Name Users Alliance
56. The role of Internet Exchange Points in creating Internet capacity and bringing autonomy to developing nations. Packet Clearing House
57. What will the web be like in 20 year's time? World Broadcasting Union
58. Network Neutrality - Examining the Issues and Implications for Development DiploFoundation and Technology Policy Institute
59. Building a Global Capacity Building Curriculum Framework and Primer for Internet Governance Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies, NOIDA, UP, India
60. Capacity building for Web 2.0 Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland
Other (8 )
76. Driving Investment in emerging economies in the changing global financial environment FICCI
78. Internet of Things ENSTA
81. National multi-stakeholder processes and their relation to the IGF. French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Nominet
82. Public Sector Information on the Internet GFII
83. The Future of Online Privacy: Online advertising and behavioural targeting Electronic Privacy Information Center
84. The role and mandate of the IGF Internet Governance Caucus
85. The Transboundary Internet: Jurisdiction, Control and Sovereignty Internet Governance Caucus
86. Youth and Internet Governance: Challenges for future? Peoples Development Organisation/Diplo Foundation
Best Practice Forums (12)
61. Best Practice Forum - Equal Access & Equal Opportunity Internet Society of China
62. Best Practice Forum - Internet Governance Capacity Building DiploFoundation
63. Best practice forum proposal: Enhancing international cooperation against cybercrime INTERPOL
64. Best Practice session of Turkey: “A Nation Transforming to Information Society" Turkish Telecommunications Authority
66. BPF: Law enforcement-service provider cooperation against cybercrime Council of Europe
68. OECD Best practice Forum on the "Enhanced Internet-enabled access and use of public sector information" OECD
69. Public-Private Partnership – Swedish experience of establishing Robust Electronic Communication Networks PTS, The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency
70. Self Regulatory Approach to Data Security and Privacy in India Data Security Council of India
71. UK Best Practice session: “Partnership in Action” Nominet
72. Virtual Worlds for Delivering Public Service & Innovation Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform, UK
75. The European approach to empowering and protecting children online European Commission
89. Child Online Protection ITU
Open Forums
73. OECD: "Outcomes of the OECD Ministerial meeting on The Future of the Internet Economy"
74. Council of Europe: "The human rights dimension of Internet"
87. Commonwealth Secretariat: "Building multifaceted partnerships to bridge the digital divide"
90. ICANN: ICANN's Multistakeholder Model
91. IDRC: "e-Privacy in Latin America and the Caribbean"
92. ITU Open Forum on Cybersecurity


The list below shows workshops that are currently discussing possible mergers into a main session workshop

Main Session Workshops Organization
Reaching The Next Billion - Access(3)
1. Can the mobile revolution bridge the internet access divide in Africa? Perspectives from Africa and India on ‘connecting the next billion’. APC
2. Leveraging alternative technology solutions, a possible answer to connecting the next million? CSDMS
3. Universalization of the Internet - How to reach the next billion PICISOC
Reaching the next Billion - Multilingualism (2)
1. An Asian Prospective on Internationalization Chinese Domain Name Users Alliance
2. Multilingualization and Internazionalization of Internet ITU
Promoting Cybersecurity and Trust - Are we losing the battle against cybercrime(4)
1. Cyber Security: building a framework for Cyber Security: beyond awareness to practical approaches ICT Strategies, mCADE llc
2. Cybercrime laws and policies - the role of parliaments Council of Europe
3. Cybersecurity: An overview of the issue space and the outlook for remediation Global Internet Policy Initiative
4. Dimensions of Internet Security French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Promoting Cybersecurity and Trust- Fostering Security Privacy and Openness (5 )
1. Online Child Protection, Freedom of Expression and Privacy - companions or competitors? eNACSO
2. Policy Aspects of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) TU Delft
3. Protection of personal data and cybercrime - ensuring security and privacy on the Internet Council of Europe
4. Self-regulation - where and how is it working? eNACSO
5. Sexual rights and the internet - implications for internet governance [working title] APC
Managing Critical Internet Resources - Transition from IPv4 to IPv6 (4)
1. From IPv4 to IPv6: Challenges and Opportunities Institute for InfoSocionomics, Tama University
2. Internet Number Resource Management in the IPv4 to IPv6 transition context. AfriNIC
3. IPv6: Towards a Next Generation Internet ITU
4. Regional IP Address Registries: The New Epicenter of Global Internet Governance? Internet Governance Project
Managing Critical Internet Resources - Arrangement for Internet Governance - Global/National/Regional (2 )
1. Bottom-Up Policymaking in the Regional Internet Registries to address IPv4 depletion and IPv6 transition Packet Clearing House
2. Enhanced Cooperation - What was meant by the Tunis Agenda, and what is its current status IT for Change