30 October, 15 - 18 Hours

Theme: Multistakeholder Policy Dialogue - Setting the Scene

Moderator: Kenneth Cukier, The Economist


  • Karen Banks, APC
  • Phil Bond, President and CEO of ITAA
  • Bertrand de La Chapelle, Special Envoy for the Information Society, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France
  • Yin Chen, Director General, Department of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information Industry, China
  • Pierre Dandjinou, UNDP/Chairman of AFRINIC
  • David Gross, Ambassador, Department of State, US
  • Jean-Jacques Massima Landji, Head of Delegation (Gabon)
  • Hideo Shimizu, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan
  • Juan Carlos Solines Moreno, Head of ICT and Telecoms Regulatory Authority, Ecuador
  • David Souter, Managing Director, ict Development Associates ltd./ Professor, Business School, University of Strathclyde, Glasogow
  • Lynn St.Amour, CEO ISOC
  • Sharil Tarmizi – Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Chairman of ICANN’s Government Advisory Committee (GAC)
  • Paul Twomey, CEO, ICANN

Description of Theme

This Session will set the scene for the discussion regarding institutional and substantive issues. It will look at the major themes that run through the inaugural meeting from the different perspectives of the various stakeholder groups.  The session will highlight many of the cross cutting themes that run though all the themes, especially capacity building.

Questions that will be examined from a range of stakeholder perspectives and experiences include:

  • How does the IGF Agenda support the overall theme of ‘Internet Governance for Development’?
  • How does the IGF agenda support the cross cutting theme of capacity building to increase access to and participation in the Internet and in Internet governance.
  • What are the key issues under the four themes of Openness, Security, Diversity and Access?
  • What is the best way for the IGF to ensure meaningful multi-stakeholder cooperation at the national, regional and international levels?

What are the objectives of this session?

The session should aim to give a clear view of the different expectations of the various stakeholder groups as regards the functioning of the IGF as well as its substantive priorities.  The session should also aim to emphasize the overall development perspective and should lay the groundwork for the expressions of the development perspective that motivates the four themes and makes them important.