30 October,

2 November 2006, 10-13 Hours

Conclusions and the way forward

  • Recap and review of the previous three days
  • Chairman’s summing up
  • From Athens to Rio de Janeiro

Open microphone session taking stock of the Athens meeting and looking forward to the Rio de Janeiro meeting (working methods of the IGF and agenda for Rio de Janeiro).

What are the possible questions that will be addressed by this session?

Questions that will be examined from a range of stakeholder perspectives and experiences include:

  • Did the agenda strike the right balance between technological and societal themes?
  • Did the meeting succeed in supporting the overall theme of Internet governance for Development?
  • Did the meeting succeed in supporting the cross cutting theme of capacity building?
  • Did the meeting succeed in ensuring meaningful multistakeholder cooperation?
  • What should be the substantive priorities of the IGF for the next meeting?