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Open Forums: Ministry of Education of Cuba
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  • Organisation
    Ministry of Education of Cuba
  • Open Forum Title
    Internet as a pathway from school to exercise the human right of access to information.
  • Description
    This workshop aims to discuss the power and potentiation of knowledge that future generations can have with the possibility of internet and communication through the network of networks. Cuba, a country with low connectivity, is setting out to put in the hands of students all content, resources and possibilities offered by the Internet, and enable students, teachers, and parents to access it, so that they help and contribute to the formation of new citizens who can exercise democracy on the internet. Through the project "Putting Classrooms together", the Ministry of Education of Cuba has managed to empower some schools with internet possibilities.
  • Speakers
    Fernando Ortega. Director of Computer Education of the Republic of Cuba
    -Carlos Ríos. Cuban Educational Computing expert and Journalist
    - Technical support: Engineer Dayron Pérez Alonso. Networks of the Ministry of Education in the Republic of Cuba

  • Background paper
    Filename: rectificarversion_final_internetbrasil_1_.docx