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Open Forums: APNIC. The Regional Internet Registry for Asia-Pacific.
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  • Organisation
    APNIC. The Regional Internet Registry for Asia-Pacific.
  • Open Forum Title
    The Internet Number Community and their related organizations
  • Description
    Most of the time, when we speak about Critical Internet Resources, we speak about the Internet addressing system. And when we speak about the Internet addressing system, we think about ICANN and domain names. ICANN itself seems to be about 99% names and 1% numbers, if that. This open session aims to talk about that 1%: what goes on in the world of IP addressing.

    This sessions will give a picture of how the number resources management and its distribution are conducted how its policies are developed and what are the entities and the forums which exist today that supports this ecosystem. It will also introduce some of the capacity building efforts that RIRs have around the number resources management as well as depoloyment of technologies which use such resources, such as IPv6, for the audience to understand the activities, and interested parties can collaborate/participate in such activities.
  • Speakers
    One speaker from NRO (German Valdez); one speaker from RIR secreatriat (Paul Wilson); and two or three speakers from the Internet community (Izumi Okutani and others).
  • Background paper
    Filename: dc51152afb6c608552c5108cf616cec9_NRO-Continuing-Cooperation-Brochure-v2013-.pdf