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The remote moderators have three functions:

  • They have to connect online with the remote participants;
  • They have to connect the online participants to the discussions in the meeting room;
  • Lastly, they are responsible for some follow-up work for archiving purposes and in view of improving future remote participation efforts.


  • Connect to remote platform from a dedicated computer (if possible, connected to a projector)
  • Moderate the online discussions
    • Follow online interactions and answer questions/comment as necessary
    • Facilitate online discussion and troubleshooting
    • Liaise with onsite tech support
  • Collect online meaningful interventions (and forward them to the in situ meeting)
  • Exhibit any pre-recorded video or audio intervention at the appropriate time
  • Communicate with technician on possible current and/or possible future online problems.

On site:

  • Follow on site discussions
  • Showcase the remote participation on projector when and if appropriate/possible
  • Communicate with panel moderator to present remote interventions and questions at appropriate times (based on collected interventions)
  • Facilitate remote (audio/video) interventions from remote participants/panelists (with the help of technician)
  • Communicate with technician on possible current and/or possible future in situ problems.


  • Collect all related material for archiving purposes
  • Summarize statistics (as much detail as possible):
    • number of participants
    • number of hubs
    • number of questions:
      • asked
      • forwarded
      • answered
      • other
    • Number of audio/video interventions
    • Other topics of interest
  • Present a report on the remote participation (personal experience and/or technical and/or statistical report); the aim of this report is to provide material that will help future remote participation.