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Olivier M.J. Crépin-Leblond is a French national and has been an Internet user since 1988. He received a B.Eng. Honours degree in Computer Systems and Electronics from King’s College, London, UK, in 1990, a Ph.D. in Digital Communications from Imperial College, London, UK, in 1997, and a Specialized Masters Degree in Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management from CERAM Business School in Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France, in 2007.

Having founded Global Information Highway Ltd in 1995, he has been involved in many Internet projects, several of which enabled Internet connectivity in developing countries. Current interests range from IPv6 deployment, Network Neutrality, Internet Governance and Green Internet to all aspects of Strategy, Intelligence and Knowledge Management in the 21st Century, as well as several ongoing working groups in IETF.

Whilst attending ICANN conferences in Paris (June 2008), Cairo (November 2008), Mexico City (March 2009) and Sydney (June 2009) he has taken a keen interest in supporting ICANN’s At Large constituency to voice the interests of Internet users worldwide. He is a member of the IET, IEEE and ISOC.