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Antanas Zabulis (M.Sc.), President and CEO of  OMNITEL, was born in 1962, graduated from Vilnius University, faculty of Physics, accomplished company management studies at BOSSARD University in Paris.

From 1991 to 1994 worked as a Consultant/Senior Consultant for BOSSARD consultants (present Gemini consulting). Before entering mobile communications, for 6 years Antanas Zabulis worked in the management team in different departments of STATOIL. 

Starting from October 2000, Antanas Zabulis is President and CEO of OMNITEL, the leading telecommunications operator in Lithuania, a member of TeliaSonera group.

Antanas Zabulis is actively involved in the area of ITT (information technologies and telecommunications) and social life of Lithuania: he is the chairman of Knowledge Society under the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Social Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, a member of State progress council – Government commission of the Republic of Lithuania, member of the Rotary Club of the Old Town of Vilnius, board member of the Baltic Management Institute (BMI) and Kaunas  University of technology, Baltic CG Board member, was member of DnB NORD bank supervisory council for 5 years (till the end of 2009).