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Since February 2004, Susana Sargento is an Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at the University of Aveiro. She is also a reseacher in the Institute of Telecommunications.
Between September 2002 and February 2004, she was an Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Computer Science in the University of Porto. She was also the Coordinator of the Computer Networks Group in the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.
She is also a Guest Faculty of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, USA, since August 2008. Faculty of ICTI: Information & Communication Technologies Institute.
She has been involved in several national and European projects, taking leaderships of several activities in the projects, such as the QoS and ad-hoc networks integration activity in the FP6 IST-Daidalos Project.
She finished her graduation on Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in July 1997, and finished her PhD, entitled "Resource Allocation in Networks with QoS Support" (done partially as a visitor student in the Rice University through supervision of Edward Knightly), in February 2003.
Her interests comprise the areas of future and next generation heterogeneous networks, infrastructure, mesh and ad-hoc, more specifically in QoS, mobility, routing, multicast, self-management and cognitive issues.