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Day 3 (4 September), 14.30 - 16.00, Main Meeting Hall

The Best Practices Wrap-up Main Session intends to conclude the cycle leading to the five Best Practices Forums held at IGF Istanbul. The rational for holding these sessions is to take the IGF a step further towards producing tangible output, as recommended the CSTD Working Group on IGF improvements and is explained in a contribution as an input into the preparatory process: http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/images/2014/IGF2014/IGF-2014Request-for-Public-Input.v3.pdf

Over the past weeks, stakeholders from governments, IGOs, Civil Society, the business and technical communities, have gathered through virtual communities to work and exchange best practices on five issues: 1/ Developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms,  2/ Regulation and mitigation of unwanted communications (e.g. "spam"), 3/ Establishing and supporting Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) for Internet security, 4/ Creating an enabling environment for the development of local content, and 5/ Best practices for Online child protection.  

Lead experts, supported by the IGF Secretariat have engaged with the community in a view to exchanging on existing practices and discussing ways to further collaborate. A discussion of unintended consequences, both positive and negative, of mistakes that were made and of lessons learned has further enriched an understanding of what has been accomplished. The means employed to achieve a solution are as important as a learning experience as the actual ends achieved.

Led by independent experts and documented by the Secretariat, the discussions will feed into five 90 minute sessions in Istanbul, that will in turn produce an outcome document for each of the Best Practices Wrap-up Main Session. A summary booklet/handout on each Best Practice discussions/sessions is also one of the intended outcomes to be published after the IGF 2014 meeting.

Policy questions addressed throughout the preparatory process of the Best Practices Forums: 

1.     Definition of the issue

2.     Regional specificities observed (e.g. Internet industry development)

3.     Existing policy measures and private sector initiatives, impediments

4.     What worked well, identifying common effective practices

5.     Unintended consequences of policy interventions, good and bad

6.     Unresolved issues where further multistakeholder cooperation is needed

7.     Insights gained as a result of the experience

8.     Proposed steps for further multistakeholder dialogue


Bill Graham (Senior Fellow, CIGI)


• Introduction: Constance Bommelaer (Senior Director, Public Policy Partnerships, ISOC)

• Best Practices - Meaningful Multistakeholder Mechanisms: Avri Doria, Advisor (Policy and Governance, DotGay)

• Best Practices - Local Content: Susan Chalmers (Internet Policy Consultant) and Stuart Hamilton (Director, Policy and Advocacy, IFLA - tbc)

• Best Practices - CERTs: Maarteen Van Horenbeeck (Chair of FIRST) and Christine Hoepers (General Manager of the Brazilian CERT)

• Best Practices - Karen Mulberry (Policy Advisor, ISOC) and Michael O'Reirdon (Engineering Fellow at Comcast and MAAWG Chairman Emeritus)

• Best Practices - Online Child Protection: Jaqueline Beauchere (Chief Online Safety Officer, Microsoft) and Carla Licciardello (Child online protection focal point, ITU – tbc)

• Conclusion - The future of the IGF and its role in developing Best Practices: Nii Quaynor (Chairman of the Board of Directors, NITA)

6.5. Remote moderator

Towela Jere (Programme Manager, NEPAD)

6.6. Feeder sessions

• Best Practices Forum on Developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms

• Best Practices Forum on Regulation and mitigation of unwanted communications (e.g. "Spam")

• Best Practices Forum on Establishing and supporting Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) for Internet security

• Best Practices Forum on Creating an enabling environment for the development of local content

• Best Practices Forum on Online child protection.