ID Title Proposer Organization
1 The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) Cristina Monti European Commission
2 Preventing exclusion via Cyber Identity Andy Smith BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
3 Inclusive development and Digital transformation of Africa Faye Makane African Union
4 The use of ICT in rural communities in Cuba Gustavo Cervantes Montero MES
5 computer literacy in rural communities. Gustavo Cervantes Montero MES
6 Child Helplines Role in Child Online Protection Sheila Donovan Child Helpline International
7 Cuban civil society for inclusion and sustainable growth Ailyn Febles Union of Informatics Professionals of Cuba
8 Collaborative work using internet Fernando Ortega Cabrera Ministry of Education of Cuba
9 Academic network for the educational system in Cuba Dayron Pérez Alonso Ministry of Education of Cuba
10 Social Network Ula Ula Fernando Ortega Cabrera Ministry of Education of Cuba
11 Network Health Promotion and the Regional Virtual Repository Miriam Valdes Tejo Unidad de Promociòn de Salud y Prevenciòn de Enfermedades
12 Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum Lasantha De Alwis Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation
13 Internet & Jurisdiction Open Forum Paul Fehlinger Internet & Jurisdiction
14 ICANN Open Forum Baher Esmat ICANN
15 IEEE: Making Connection(s) for Solutions Karen McCabe IEEE
16 Creating an Enabling Environment for Inclusive Economy Using Nirvana Farrag Egyptian Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC)
17 Copyright and Disabilities Paolo Lanteri World Intellectual Property Organization
18 Deliberative Democracy in IG and Encryption Governance James Fishkin Stanford University
19 Internet Governance Impact on Tigers & Sustainable Ecosystem Rajesh Gopal Global Tiger Forum (GTF)
20 Outcomes of G7 Ise-Shima Summit and Ministerial Meetings Rika Tsunoda Government of Japan (G7 Presidency)
21 Geneva Internet Platform: Building IG hubs worldwide Tereza Horejsova DiploFoundation
23 Fostering Cultural Diversity and Exchanges on the Internet Jiayuan Liu Cyberspace Administration of China
24 IoT: The importance of standards in Smart Sustainable Cities Olga Cavalli ITU-T - Study Group 20 Internet of Things and Sustainable Cities and Communities
25 Discussion with Youth IGF Ambassadors Yuliya MORENETS TaC-Together against Cybercrime International
26 Impact of e-commerce in the development of vertical markets Olga Cavalli AMIPCI - INFOTEC México
27 Protecting Human Rights Online: the Freedom Online Coalition Seth Bouvier Freedom Online Coalition
28 Indonesian Experience in Digital Policy Jovan Kurbalija DiploFoundation
29 Reporting on the OECD Digital Economy Ministerial Lorrayne Porciuncula OECD
30 UN Women-ITU Joint Open Forum Ruth Miyandazi UN Women
31 IGF Academy: sustainable participation in the IG environment Lorena Jaume-Palasi irgihts
32 UNESCO’s Internet governance work – towards the Sustainable Cedric Wachholz UNESCO
34 Putting Internet Universality at the heart of the SDGs Cédric Wachholz UNESCO
54 Indonesia Open Forum: Social Media and Democracy Sindy Nur Fitri Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia
35 Protecting human rights while countering violent extremism Hernan Vales OHCHR
36 WSIS Action Lines supporting the implementation of the SDGs - WSIS Forum: Information and Knowledge Societies for SDGs Jaroslaw Ponder ITU on behalf of WSIS Action Line Facilitators
37 Fostering dialogue between Internet Observatories & Maps DIEGO RAFAEL CANABARRO /
38 La mujer en la Informatización de la Sociedad Cubana González Delly Lien Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas (UCI)
39 ISOC Open Forum - Future Internet Scenarios in 5-7 years Raquel Gatto Internet Society
40 Mexico: The National Digital Strategy Ernesto Ibarra Coordination of the National Digital Strategy
41 Internet Freedom Advocacy Adeboye Adegoke Paradigm InititativeNigeria
42 Internet Accessibility in the MENA Region: A Regional and Mu Mahsa Alimardani Small Media
43 A dialogue on Multistakeholder Processes and Structures Hartmut Glaser (Executive Secretary)
44 Access Now: Defending and extending digital rights Nick Dagostino Access Now
45 Network Health Promotion and the Regional Virtual Repository Miriam Valdés Tejo Unidad de Promoción de salud y prevención de Enfermedades
46 The OAS Cyber Security Program - Strengthening the cyber security capacity of the Americas Belisario Contreras Organization of American States
47 Open Forum of the German Federal Government Peter Stentzler Government of Germany
50 Bridging the Divide between Marginalized Communities and Online Rights Dominic Bellone Freedom House
52 Internet for All: Improving Global and Regional Coordination Alex Wong World Economic Forum
53 Discussion between the decision makers, Members of the Europ Yuliya Morenets Youth IGF - E.U. Parliament Delegation