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No. 160 Social media and youth radicalization in the digital age

Xianhong Hu


1. Primary Contact Information

Ms. Xianhong Hu

Organizational Affiliation: UNESCO

2. Secondary Contact Information

Mr. Cedric Wachholz

Organizational Affiliation: UNESCO

3. Workshop Format. Please click here for a description of available Workshop Session Formats.


4. Panel format background paper

No background paper provided

5. Duration of proposed session

90 minutes

6. Title

Social media and youth radicalization in the digital age

7. Description of workshop

Following the fruitful discussion on mitigating online hate speech and youth radicalization at the IGF 2015, UNESCO received many calls to further the discussion and deepen the understanding of the hot issue of youth radicalization and the role of social media in this process.

UNESCO proposes this session to share the initial outcome in terms of Internet Governance from its commissioned research on the subject, and trigger discussion on where the Internet relates to youth radicalization including gender issues, the counter measures taken, as well as to the youth empowerment actions taken through a holistic approach, in the light of achieving SDG goal 16 on inclusive and peaceful societies.

8. Tags

Tag1: Social Media

Tag2: Youth Engagement and Participation

Tag3: Extremism

9. Name, stakeholder group, and organizational affiliation of workshop proposal co-organizer(s)

Global Network Initiative (GNI), private sector
Council of Europe, IGOs

10. Has the proposer, or any of the co-organizers, organized an IGF workshop before?


The link to the workshop report

No. 128: http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/workshops/list-of-published-workshop-proposals

11. Description of the plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members and remote participants

It will be an interactive discussion built on a brief introduction of the research at the beginning and short remarks from panellists. Majority of the time will be dedicated to the Q and A with the audience and remote participants.

12. Proposed Speakers

Abraham, Sunil
Nalwoga, Lillian
La Rue, Frank
Alava, Seraphin
Frau-Meigs, Divina
LaJeunesse, Ross
Bukovska, Barbora

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Abraham, Sunil
Alava, Seraphin
Bukovska, Barbora
LaJeunesse, Ross
Nalwoga, Lillian

13. Reasons for Speakers and/or description of how stakeholder views will be represented

The speakers were chosen based on their expertise with a balance of geographic region, stakeholder groups and gender.

14. Name of in-person Moderator(s)

Indrajit Banerjee, UNESCO Director for Knowledge Societies

15. Name of Remote Moderator(s)

Cedric Wachholz, UNESCO

16. Name of Rapporteur(s)

Xianhong Hu, UNESCO

17. Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

The session welcomes remote participation and will set up social media streaming to allow live and remote participation.

18. Based on which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

No. 16

19. Background paper

No additional background paper provided

20. Agenda

Preparation meeting with panelists, 15 mins before the session
5’ Opening remarks from the Chair
Remarks by panelists
5’ Frank La Rue, Assistant Director General for Communication and Information, UNESCO.
10’ Ms. Divina Frau-Meigs, Universite la Sorbonne, France
5’ Mr. Sunil Abraham, Center for Internet and Society

5’ Ms. Lillian Nalwoga, ISOC Uganda

5’ Mr. Seraphin Alava, Civil Society, Networks of Knowledge Council

5’ Mr. Ross LaJeunesse, Google
5’ Mr. Barbora Bukovska, Article 19
Open floor to other stakeholders at present
45’ Q&A

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