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No. 169 Regional Participation in Brazil: Growing Initiatives

Gustavo Paiva

Grupo de Estudos de Direito da Internet/UFRN

1. Primary Contact Information

Ms. Gustavo Paiva

Organizational Affiliation: Grupo de Estudos de Direito da Internet/UFRN

2. Secondary Contact Information

Ms. Alyne Andrade

Organizational Affiliation: Instituto Brasileiro de Direito da Informática/IBDI

3. Workshop Format. Please click here for a description of available Workshop Session Formats.

Flash Session

4. Panel format background paper

No background paper provided

5. Duration of proposed session

30 minutes

6. Title

Regional Participation in Brazil: Growing Initiatives

7. Description of workshop

An inspirational group of activists, researchers and practitioners on Internet Governance have come together after IGF2015 and other IG events in Latin America to engage in different organizations in the area. This reveals the impact that debate arenas such as the IGF have and further presents the importance of regional engagement and effective strategies to achieve it.

The dialogues and actions of this group were revisited in events like Internet Freedom Festival, Rightscon, ICAN55, WSIS Forum and other arenas. These activists continue the debate in online groups, both mobile and on computers. Their work continues identifying leaders in Internet Governance and other groups which can be articulated so that regional engagement increases and future actions can be planned so as to fully integrate unrepresented regions in the Internet Governance future.

Our online activism communities on IG in the Global South are dispersed and do not easily communicate with each other. Through this Flash Session, we wish to expose a few of them and to bring them together, in order to strategize and create global ties independent from organizations and companies.

By showcasing these efforts, it's expected that new communication bridges can be built. As well, common goals and concerns, such zero rating,increase in connectivity, cybersecurity and other can be addressed primarily.

8. Tags

Tag1: IGRegional

Tag2: Gender Issues

Tag3: Youth Engagement

9. Name, stakeholder group, and organizational affiliation of workshop proposal co-organizer(s)

Alyne Andrade, Civil Society, Instituto Brasileiro de Direito da Informática (IBDI)
Gustavo Paiva, Civil Society, Grupo de Estudos de Direito da Internet/UFRN
Ana Paula Lourenço dos Santos, Technical Community, Byte Girl

10. Has the proposer, or any of the co-organizers, organized an IGF workshop before?


11. Description of the plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members and remote participants

Flash Sessions, notably, have a very limited time. Thus, it's more advantageous if participation with the audience occurs after the initiatives are shown.
Speakers will remain nearby, outside the room, for as long as necessary in order to hear comments, answer questions, exchange experiences and form partnerships.
The online moderator will inform the speakers of any online discussions, and should any online participant wish to directly question one of the speakers in private, the moderator will either give out contact information or set up a Skype call.

12. Proposed Speakers

N Gitau, James
Maciel , Marília
Abdullah , Rasha
Lourenço, Ana Paula
Andrade, Alyne
Paiva, Gustavo

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Andrade, Alyne
Paiva, Gustavo

13. Reasons for Speakers and/or description of how stakeholder views will be represented

Alyne Andrade is President of the Brazilian Institute of Informational Law and a practicing lawyer. She has extensive experience in Internet Governance issues, having attended events such IGF2015, RightsCon, ICANN55 and others. She's a vital component of a group of individuals from the Brazilian North and Northeast who have been rallying in order to better participate in the future of Internet Governance.

Gustavo Paiva is the founder of a Research Group on Internet Law, recognized by Brazil's National Counsel of Scientific and Technological Development, and leads over 20 multidisciplinary researchers. He has been working to realize an Internet Governance event on the Brazilian Northeast in order to congregate established initiatives, incentivize the birth of new ones and develop a new generation of IG activists.

Ana Paula Lourenço is an accomplished Technical professional, boasting extensive participation on organizations which seek to address gender equality and activism discussions. She is a Coordinator on Byte Girls, an initiative which incentivizes women's participation on the Technical community,, as well as PyLadies Fortaleza, Pug-CE and ForHacker Space Fortaleza.

All speakers are activists involved in growing initiatives in the Brazilian Northeast, and this share many hardships and objectives. Their initiatives seek to improve equality and participation, both on a regional/national level as well in a societal level. Thus, they effectively showcase some of Brazil's growing and established efforts and initiatives.

14. Name of in-person Moderator(s)

No information provided

15. Name of Remote Moderator(s)

Eric Cavalcanti de Medeiros

16. Name of Rapporteur(s)

Viviane Vinagre

17. Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

The online moderator will take part in the preparatory process, as to fully understand the initiatives and topics to be discussed. He will inform the speakers of any issue brought up by online participants. Should the participants wish to now more or seek a partnership with any speaker, the moderator will be responsible for establishing the communication between them.
Since the moderator will be informed of the Session's content, he will be able to answer smaller questions directly.
Overall, the online moderator will make sure that online participants enjoy all the opportunities that local participants do.

18. Based on which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

No information provided

19. Background paper

No additional background paper provided

20. Agenda

The panel will bring topics such as Brazilian law, whatsapp interruption in Brazil, Pokemon Go, Intellectual Property (piracy), Smart Cities and Internet of Things.

Tag1: IGRegional
We will speak about our experience with focus in Internet Governance in Northeast and Southeast of Brazil, the difference in the debate, the contributions we can achieve.

Tag2: Gender Issues
Children, adolescents, women, LGBT community, young entrepreneurs, companies.

Tag 3: Youth Engagement
Members of Observatory of Youth in the regions of Brazil.

We will engage each of us for remote participation of stakeholders in the state of Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte, located in the Northeast of Brazil.

This workshop proposal "flash" is the better way to achieve our goals.

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