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No. 225 Hands-on youth-driven Internet initiatives

Mark Willian Datysgeld


1. Primary Contact Information

Mr. Mark Datysgeld

Organizational Affiliation: Sao Paulo State University

2. Secondary Contact Information

Mr. Lucas Moura

Organizational Affiliation: Axur Information Security

3. Workshop Format. Please click here for a description of available Workshop Session Formats.


4. Panel format background paper

Background paper

5. Duration of proposed session

60 minutes

6. Title

Hands-on youth-driven Internet initiatives

7. Description of workshop

With the growing integration of the Internet in the lives of a substantial part of the world’s population, its governance is an emerging question that is of leading importance to all of society. However, knowledge about what the network is and what are the methods employed in its decision making process are questions that remain largely secluded within a community of experts. While access to the network grows, the diffusion of knowledge about themes such as the multistakeholder model and the participation in collaborative projects remains low to society as a whole is considered.

As the youth who grew up with the Internet as an integral part of their lives start to penetrate academia and the work market, they are finding innovative ways of engaging their communities and peers with a hands-on approach, leading projects that offer new perspectives of reaching out to society. Faced with financial limitations, the youth that wish to be part of the process find ways to overcome language and cultural barriers, and become ever more present in the Internet Governance structure.

This panel seeks to discuss the state of youth-driven initiatives that are already on course, taking as a basis the Governance Primer course in Brazil, the Youth SIG in Latin America, Wikimedia Mexico, and Morocco's INPT's conferences, all of which are largely or entirely run by youth, and attempt to bridge in different ways the global society and the Internet.

8. Tags

Tag1: Youth Engagement

Tag2: Internet governance

Tag3: Innovation

9. Name, stakeholder group, and organizational affiliation of workshop proposal co-organizer(s)

Lucas de Moura, Private Sector, Axur Information Security
Datysgeld, Mark, Acadmia, São Paulo State University

10. Has the proposer, or any of the co-organizers, organized an IGF workshop before?


11. Description of the plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members and remote participants

Both the remote and face-to-face mediators have previous experiences in the activity of coordinating remote and physical events, which should contribute to the alignment of these activities. By making use of shorter expositions from speakers, we intend to have the participants and their contributions as the focal point of the workshop. Our intent is to keep the volume of contributions as balanced as possible, promoting the exchange of ideas and open discussion.

12. Proposed Speakers

Martínez, Iván
Seqqat, Yasmine
Guerrero, Carlos
Moura, Lucas
Datysgeld, Mark
Callegari, Agustina

Speakers provisionally confirmed:

Callegari, Agustina
Guerrero, Carlos
Martínez, Iván
Moura, Lucas
Seqqat, Yasmine

13. Reasons for Speakers and/or description of how stakeholder views will be represented

Mark Datysgeld is a researcher specialized in the impact of the Digital Revolution on International Relations. He is the creator and coordinator of the Governance Primer project, a transnational course that is free, open and youth-led, aiming at teaching Internet Governance without the requirement of previous knowledge.

Lucas de Moura is a CSIRT member who is both from the private sector and the technical community, working with different actors, including the ICANN multistakeholder community. He is the creator of Peregrino, a project aimed at teaching children about safety online, as well as being one of the speakers of Governance Primer.

Carlos Guerrero comes from the NGO sphere, having a background in cyberlaw. He has a leadership role at the Hiperderecho NGO and is the co-founder of the Youth SIG, an initiative in partnership with ISOC aimed at including young people in the Internet Governance debate.

Yasmine Seqqat is undergoing university studies on the IT field, and is a growing exponent of Internet Governance in her native country of Morocco. She has been focused on spreading awareness about the subject on the region.

Iván Martínez is a historian and Wikipedian, with a background that gives emphasis to the defense of free knowledge. As the president of Wikimedia's Mexican chapter, he brings not only knowledge about the project itself, but also the Mexican perspective on ongoing debates.

Agustina Callegari is the Head of the Internet Governance and Policy Office at the Ministry of Modernization of Argentina. She is also a member of the secretariat of the IGF Argentina and she was an ISOC Ambassador for the global IGF 2015. Before that, she worked as policy analyst at the Buenos Aires Data Protection Authority.

14. Name of in-person Moderator(s)

Mark Datysgeld

15. Name of Remote Moderator(s)

Lucas Moura

16. Name of Rapporteur(s)

Adela Goberna

17. Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

Information about the involved projects will be shared prior to the event in video format, in order to clarify the type of initiative being discussed, encouraging people to participate by showing examples of the actions being carried out by the projects being discussed. Apart from following the live feedback, we will also accept questions beforehand so that interested parties who do not live in a compatible time zone can also be a part of the discussion.

18. Based on which Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

No information provided

19. Background paper

No additional background paper provided

20. Agenda

1. Introductions and initial considerations: Mark Datysgeld - 5 mins.

2. Presentation of the youth-driven projects: Lucas de Moura, Carlos Guerrero, Yasmine Seqqat, Iván Martínez, Agustina Callegari - 25 mins.

3. Open discussion between panelists and attendees - 25 mins.

[Note] Input from attendees will be accepted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Arabic regardless of the availability of translation services.

- Attendees will be given space to introduce their own projects and those of colleagues.

- "Is it meaningful to a project's nature that it is youth-driven or is it a question of giving opportunities to younger people?"

- "How to garantee that youth will increasingly have access to enough networking and financial support to carry out initiatives of their own?"

- "How are scholarship programs from different Internet Governance institutions contributing to the formation of such initiatives?"

4. Final statements - 5 min.

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