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    ICT4D practiooner
  • Stakeholder Group
    Civil Society


  • How would you define the issue “Connecting the Next Billion”?
    Connecting the Next Billion means the steps/efforts that need to undertaken to ensure that everyone especially those from developing countries. This means putting in place the right infrastructure, adopting right regulations
  • Have you observed any regional or national specificities regarding connectivity (e.g. Internet industry development)?
    The internet industry is growing rapidly in Africa. There has been great progress made on the establishment of IXPs and also creating platforms to discuss internet infrastructure challenges in the region. For instance, the African Peering and Interconnection Forum organised annually by ISOC brings together different stakeholders especially ISPs and regulators to discuss connectivity issues in the region. Recently, the first East Africa Internet Infrastructure forum was held in Kampala, Uganda to find solutions to EA internet infrastructure challenges. Also, the East Africa region established the EAIXP to improve traffic exchange in the region
  • Do you know of existing policy measures, and private sector or civil society initiatives addressing connectivity? If yes, was the policy a government policy, industry policy (either collective best practice or corporate policy), technical policy, or did i
    I am not aware of any.
  • In your opinion, what worked well in the development of the policy, and what impediments were encountered?
  • What was the experience with implementation?
  • Did you experience any unintended consequences of policy developments/interventions, good and bad?
  • Can you think of unresolved issues where further multistakeholder cooperation is needed?
  • Did you gain any insight as a result of the experience?
  • List proposed steps for further multistakeholder dialogue/actions.