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Created On Monday, 06 July 2015 11:07


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    BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT
  • Stakeholder Group
    Civil Society


  • How would you define the issue “Connecting the Next Billion”?
    Bringing the next 1 Billion of the world's citizen's into the Internet Age to enable them to get access to knowledge and improve their economic circumstances through safe e-commerce
  • Have you observed any regional or national specificities regarding connectivity (e.g. Internet industry development)?
    The UK Government is introducing Gov.UK Verify to enable all citizen's to access and use Government services on line securely to enable Digital by Default providing more efficient and effective access to Government
  • Do you know of existing policy measures, and private sector or civil society initiatives addressing connectivity? If yes, was the policy a government policy, industry policy (either collective best practice or corporate policy), technical policy, or did i
    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is developing standards to help with the commercial development of the Internet. Specifically open, royalty free standards for identity and payments on the Internet. see http://www.w3.org/2015/Talks/ij-usecases/
    The Gates Foundation has launched the Level One Project to connect the next billion
  • In your opinion, what worked well in the development of the policy, and what impediments were encountered?
    In the W3C we are still at the stage of defining the requirements and User Specification. It is open for all interested parties to join. The problems are very complex with different cultural and national views
  • What was the experience with implementation?
    Implementation of secure connectivity for all is fraught with difficulty because of the lack of widely used robust, non-proprietorial standards for connectivity and security
  • Did you experience any unintended consequences of policy developments/interventions, good and bad?
    No, I expected it to be hard!
  • Can you think of unresolved issues where further multistakeholder cooperation is needed?
    Agree emnt on security elements and liability models for when things go wrong and redress if harm is done.
  • Did you gain any insight as a result of the experience?
    Yes, concerning the sheer complexity. So it is best to keep it simple and understandable and get 90% right rather than 100% wrong
  • List proposed steps for further multistakeholder dialogue/actions.
    W3C work continues in this area on identity, credentials and payments standards.
    It needs to be discussed at UN IGF to ensure the widest buy in and understanding