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President of Lithuanian ICT Associacion „Infobalt“ , Chairman of „Sekasoft" and „Blue solutions"

Since Lithuania became independent Evaldas Kulbokas is activelly engaged in various public organisations promoting IT awareness, participated in designing legal and copyright framework for IT-related products, represented interests of Lithuania in International Standards Organisation.
As the council member of Lithuanian computer society together with coleagues he initiated and activelly participated in developing in Lithuania the leading international computer skills cerfitication programme - ECDL/ICDL.
Currently he is the President of Information and Communication Technologies association "Infobalt" - the only organisation in Lithuania representing the interests of an industry which employs more than 25000 highly trained professionals and creates more than 5% GDP.
As the private entrepreneur Evaldas Kulbokas in 1994 founded and is a Chairman of software company "Sekasoft" which pioneered Lithuanian collaboration and workflow management software market and still brings added value to customers deploying, developing and maintaining their document, digital content and business process management solutions.
He is also an investor and Chairman of  "Blue solutions" - a leading company in Lithuania, specialising in development of ERP solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics Ax product line.