IGF 2019 OF #31 Bridging digital in a large humanitarian organization


Since its launch in 2014, Missing Maps has been supported by a growing network of of humanitarian  organizations and volunteers that collaboratively put the most vulnerable places on the map. Working with a variety of actors allows for us to collaboratively learn about open (map) data opportunities  and challenges, as well as its potential to mitigate suffering and loss in humanitarian contexts. 

This session will familiarize participants  with the Missing Maps project, and explore, the landscape of digital transformation through the largest humanitarian network, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. In addition, we will showcase how local community members, as well as remote volunteers can join forces and collaboratively work towards common objectives. This will include hands-on, interactive opportunities to contribute to humanitarian activities, via the use of the MapSwipe app supporting humanitarian activities all over the world one wipe at a time.   




International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)


German Red Cross (Katharina Lorenz, Stefan Scholz, Lucyy Price), IFRC (Jeremy Mortimer, Margarita Griffith) 

Online Moderator

Heather Leson


GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
GOAL 17: Partnerships for the Goals

1. Key Policy Questions and Expectations

key questions:

1. how can we support and sustain digital contributors to collaborate with local communities for climate action?

2. How can the IGF help us improve digital inclusion to support humanitarian action?