IGF 2020 OF #29 Global Encryption Coalition

Friday, 6th November, 2020 (17:10 UTC) - Friday, 6th November, 2020 (18:10 UTC)
Room 2
About this Session
Session on the Global Encryption Coalition and the global encryption debate around the world - what's at stake and what we can do about it.

Other - 60 Min
Format description: Interactive presentation. Presentation and then active engagement with participants to get feedback and discuss applications of the framework. Other speakers may be included to discuss their own case studies using the framework.


Encryption safeguards the personal security of billions of people and the national security of countries around the world. In the wake of COVID-19, this protection is more important than ever, with greater amounts of commerce, health, and everyday activities taking place digitally.

However, some are pushing to weaken encryption, which would create a dangerous precedent that compromises the security of billions of people around the world. In the last year, we’ve seen several governments pursue policies or legislation which would weaken the use of strong encryption.

Actions in one country that undermine encryption threaten us all.

In May of 2020, the Internet Society (ISOC), Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), and Global Partners Digital (GPD) launched the Global Encryption Coalition. The Global Encryption Coalition promotes and defends encryption in key countries and multilateral gatherings where it is under threat. It also supports efforts by companies to offer encrypted services to their users.

In this session, participants will hear about global trends in the encryption debate, lessons learned from other stakeholders on their own encryption advocacy experiences, and more on the Global Encryption Coalition.


  • Opening remarks

    • 2020 trends in the encryption debate (ISOC)
    • The Global Encryption Coalition (GPD)
  • Global Encryption Coalition Members Panel (Moderated by GPD)
    • Why does the encryption debate matter to them?
    • Success stories & lessons learned
  • Q&A

For more information about the Global Encryption Coalition see: https://www.globalencryption.org/



Internet Society

Center for Democracy and Technology

Global Partners Digital


Natalie Campbell, Director, Community Organizing and Public Advocacy, Internet Society

Mishi Choudry, Legal Director and Founder of Software Freedom Law Center and Founder SFLC.in

Michele Neylon, Owner & CEO, Blacknight Solutions

Greg Nojeim, Senior Counsel and Director, Freedom, Security and Technology Project, Center for Democracy and Technology

Ryan Polk, Senior Policy Advisor, Internet Society

Courtney Radsch, PhD, Advocacy Director, Committee to Protect Journalists

Onsite Moderator

Greg Nojeim

Online Moderator

Sheetal Kumar


Ryan Polk


GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 17: Partnerships for the Goals