IGF 2020 Village Booth #58 Learn Internet Governance


Learn Internet Governance (Learn IG ) is a community based learning and resource center that provides various informational material and collborative networking opportunities of understanding the Internet Governace need in developing scenarios. Our collaborative Community Development Program Learn Internet Governance Program is a Dynamic platform of getting information which focuses in open knowledge sharing method. During the IGF 2020 we want to share our experience and help promote the concept to further enlarge the group of internet leaders with the possibilities of what can be done at individual level. Especially in least developed and developing nations where there is crisis of funding this concept can help people to network and do something credible in terms of spreading the awareness and knowledge that they have. They can use the available resources in utilizing their own knowledge and network to create a better means of communication channel that can empower the youths and share knowledge at local level without the support of any funding. It can further multiply and can be a very effecting means of capacity building as well. Right now with Learn IG, we have a simple website and forum for communication and collaboration. We are further planning to network and grow in terms of how and what can be done. As today in most parts of the world, it is very costly to participate in forums like IGF and other IG awareness course these kinds of informational tool can be handy for communication and information dissemination. Our main focus are:

  1. To promote easy and effective mean of communication
  2. To promote next generation leadership
  3. To build network among internet leaders
  4. To create an open knowledge sharing platform
  5. Utilization of local resources

Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiXNaOcnMs1t6fUj71Z4m2Q

Website: https://learninternetgovernance.blogspot.com/

Research papers: https://learninternetgovernance.blogspot.com/p/documents-and-research-paper.html