IGF 2020 Village Booth #59
Ranking Digital Rights


Ranking Digital Rights (RDR) evaluates the world’s most powerful digital platforms and telecommunication companies on their commitments to digital rights. We promote freedom of expression and privacy on the internet by creating global standards for companies to respect and protect the rights of billions of users around the world. 

We do this by measuring companies’ published commitments and policies  against international human rights standards. We work with advocates, researchers, investors, and policymakers — including many of you here at IGF! 

The cornerstone of this work is our annual RDR Corporate Accountability Index

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Our upcoming 2020 RDR Index will be published in February 2021 and will rank 26 companies on their disclosed commitments, policies, and practices. For our 2020 RDR Index we undertook the largest methodology expansion process we’ve ever pursued since our first RDR Index in 2015 to include targeted advertising and algorithmic systems which permeate and inform our internet experiences today. 

Read about our methodology revision process here. 

We also recently launched It’s the Business Model, a two-part report series drawing the connection between big tech’s surveillance-based business models and the health of democracy. We also highlight what we don’t know about these systems, and call on companies to be much more transparent about how they work.

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