IGF 2020 WS #316 Safe,Stable and Reliable Internet: Digital rights of citizen


Organizer 1: Civil Society, African Group
Organizer 2: Technical Community, African Group
Organizer 3: Government, African Group
Organizer 4: Civil Society, African Group

Speaker 1: Bachar Bong Abdeldjalil, Civil Society, African Group
Speaker 2: Francis Olivier CUBAHIRO, Government, African Group
Speaker 3: Jaime NVONO MBA OZAMA, Government, African Group
Speaker 4: Serge ENGAMBA, Government, African Group
Speaker 5: Mairamou HASSANA, Government, African Group


Round Table - Circle - 90 Min

Policy Question(s)

Cybersecurity policy, standards and norms Digital Safety to enable a healthy and empowering digital environment for all Trust and identity The impact of digital sovereignty and Internet fragmentation on trust

 Application of Standards and good practices  Freedom of expression online and social network  Digital Citizenship as extension  Digital trust and reason  The digital citizenship as extension of citizenship and ability to participate in the construction of a fair digital society  Collective and Individual conscience


GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-Being
GOAL 5: Gender Equality
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
GOAL 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


In the context of high digital demand, the civil society as well as governments are all called upon to use the Internet tool with the aim to remain productive and efficiency. In such situation, a lot of traffic is envisaged and proper actions are to be taken to maintain the level of productivity. However, that situation also raised couple of questions related to how reliable the internet is in our sub-region?; what is the level of security guaranteed by our infrastructures and to what extent are internet users safe online?. Similarly, several questions are asked about legitimate limits, the respect of digital rights, the consultation and the participation of citizens. Through this workshop, we also want to identify, examine and understand how the principles of public interest can be applied to each of these areas. What measures could be taken and implemented to ensure that the principles of public interest are respected and enforced in the future and in a democratic manner.

Expected Outcomes

• Press release • Publication • Government recommendation • Workshops • Regional Follow up events

• Workshop • Case study from countries involved in the discussions to make more attractive • Quizzes

Relevance to Internet Governance: ◦ This workshop aims to establish and promote broad discussions and debates on the roles and rights of the civil society against the government bodies. ◦ Standards and norms to be evaluated in the security point of vue in order to guarantee the freedom of expression and safety of users online. ◦ Policy evaluation in respect for rights in the digital space, consultation

Relevance to Theme: ◦ Human rights online and extension citizenship ◦ Ability to participate in the construction a fair digital society ◦ ability to participate in the construction of a fair digital society ◦ Reliability and credibility online ◦ Security and freedom of expression. ◦ Policies improvement ◦ Standardization and harmonization of humane right online ◦ Protection of vulnerable people online

Online Participation


Usage of IGF Official Tool. Additional Tools proposed: Zoom, Skype, Jetsi