IGF 2021 at Youth LACIGF

Friday, 22nd October, 2021 (18:00 UTC) - Friday, 22nd October, 2021 (19:30 UTC)
About this Session
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For over a year, the world turned to digital completely. The IGF, as well, was hosted completely online for the very first time in its history. Many lessons are learned and being applied to this year’s IGF. Join us for this interactive session to learn what is new and to help us improve further IGF 2021, taking into consideration the experiences of NRIs in the Latin America and the Caribbean region hosting their annual events.

Session description

The IGF 2021 process includes an interactive community-centred preparatory phase and the 16th annual meeting to be hosted by the Government of Poland in Katowice from 6 to 10 December. The entire process will be hosted in a hybrid format, to ensure as-equal-as-possible participation of online and onsite participants. 

Even though the IGF was always hosted in a format that aimed to accommodate online participation, this year's process will invest even more effort into this goal. The COVID-19 pandemic and related travel restrictions are not the only factors that prompted the IGF to evolve towards a hybrid nature. Its mandate, continuous advice from the community, as well as the Roadmap for Digital Cooperation all added to the.

In this scenario, the IGF Secretariat organizes this conversation between NRI coordinators and members of the Organizing Committees of these initiatives to bring to the table an interesting discussion on experiences and lessons learned from the NRIs processes, and the next steps to strengthen a regional strategy of Internet Governance dialogues. We hope that this session could bring outcomes that can be extrapolated to other NRI initiatives across the globe. This session will allow participants to learn more about IGF innovations and how to effectively engage in the national and regional initiatives in the LAC region, besides encouraging the involvement in the IGF 2021 processes overall, once we design the main outcomes of the IGF preparatory phase series momentum for concrete action in improving the participation conditions. 



  • Welcome and introductions from the IGF Secretariat

  • What’s new about IGF 2021 and the conclusions from the global IGF in terms of community engagement (online and hybrid meetings)  Brief overview followed by Q&A

  • Engaging into LACIGF discussions: updates of the YouthLACIGF main outcomes and the discussions on the region (including NRIs 2021 meetings and other relevant processes)

  • Open floor for discussion

  • Next activities and conclusion 

Invited discussants:

  • Ms. Anja Gengo, Associate Programme Expert / National and Regional IGF Initiatives Focal Point

  • Ms. Eileen Cejas, Coordinator of Youth LACIGF

  • Mr. Nicolas Fiumarelli, LACNOG participant and LACIGF

  • Mr. Abdias Zambrano, Coordinator of Panama IGF


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