IGF 2021 DC-ISSS DC-ISSS: Making the Internet more secure and safer

Thursday, 9th December, 2021 (15:50 UTC) - Thursday, 9th December, 2021 (17:20 UTC)
Conference Room 3

Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety

Panel - Auditorium - 90 Min


Cybersecurity practices and mechanisms: What are the good cybersecurity practices and international mechanisms that already exist? Where do those mechanisms fall short and what can be done to strengthen the security and to reinforce the trust?
International standards: How should international standards address the different requirements and preferences of governments and citizens in different countries?


Description of the session aims and coverage

In a highly informative and interactive 90 minute session, the DC-ISSS leadership team will cover four topics in the agenda:

1) The rationale and intended concrete outcomes of the DC-ISSS: to develop recommendations, toolkits and guidance for policy makers and decision-takers that will lead to more widespread and more rapid deployment of security-related Internet standards as a result of:                           a) security by design in devices and applications;                                                                                                                                                                  b) inclusion of cybersecurity standards deployment in educational curricula and vocational training;                                                                                and c) public procurement and supply chain management as drivers of standards deployment.

2) The relevance of the DC-ISSS objectives and target outcomes to the IGF policy question on security, trust and stability.

3) The activities undertaken since the DC-ISSS was launched at the IGF in 2020 following the establishment of three working groups:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  Working Group 1: Security by Design - Internet of Things

  Working Group 2: Education and Skills

  Working Group 3: Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Time will be allocated for Q&A interaction with the audience.

The three working groups' mission statements and a paper summarising their activities in 2020-21 will be posted before the IGF 2021 event.

4) The forward-look to the DC-ISSS's focus and activities in 2022-23 including the possible creation of additional working groups.  


Outline agenda for the session

1. Introduction by DC-ISSS Coordinator Wout De Natris (15 mins):

i) DC-ISSS relevance to IGF Policy Question - Trust, Security and Stability.

ii) DC-ISSS milestones and progress in 2021

iii) Stakeholder outreach including government ministries and agencies, private sector and tech community, and regional IGFs.

2. Presentations by the Chairs of the DC-ISSS Working Groups with Q&A interaction (60 mins):

WG1 Chair: Yurii Kargapolov - Ukrainian Network Information Centre (UANIC)

WG2 Chair: Raymond Mamattah - E-Governance & Internet Governance Foundation for Africa (EGIGFA)

WG3 Chair: Mallory Knodel - Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)

3. Workplan for 2022-23 and concluding remarks by the DC-ISSS Coordinator Wout De Natris (15 mins)




Wout De Natris - DC-ISSS Coordinator - De Natris Consult - Technical community - Region: Western Europe                                                                  Mark Carvell - DC-ISSS Senior Policy Advisor - Private sector - Region: Western Europe


Wout De Natris - DC-ISSS Coordinator - De Natris Consult - Technical community - Region: Western Europe                                                            Yurii Kargapolov - DC-ISSS Working Group 1 Chair - Ukrainian Network Information Center (UANIC) - Region: Eastern Europe                                    Raymond Mamattah - DC-ISSS Working Group 2 Chair - E-Governance & Internet Governance Foundation for Africa (EGIGFA) - Region: Africa        Mallory Knodel - DC-ISSS Working Group 3 Chair - Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) - Region: North America

Onsite Moderator

Mark Carvell - DC-ISSS Senior Policy Advisor

Online Moderator

Janice Richardson - DC-ISSS Working Group 1 Vice-chair -Insight: international advisor on literacy, rights & democracy


Wout De Natris - DC-ISSS Coordinator



Targets: The aims of the DC-ISSS are to create more secure, safer and trusted Internet applications, devices and services through deployment of relevant security standards. This will support digital transformation globally which facilitates sustainable economic growth and improved social welfare of all members of communities, and the growth of micro, small and medium sized businesses (mSMEs) which otherwise would be vulnerable to online fraud, loss of trust and cyber security risks generally.