IGF 2021 Introductory Session III

Wednesday, 3rd November, 2021 (13:00 UTC)
About this Session

Facilitated by MAG Issue Teams

Introducing IGF 2021 issue areas - presentation followed by interactive discussion

(i) Inclusive Internet governance ecosystems and digital cooperation; and (ii) Trust, security, stability

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PART I [13:00-14:30 UTC]

Inclusive Internet governance ecosystems and digital cooperation

1. Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Moderator: Avri Doria, ICANN Board Member

2. Scene-Setting Remarks (10 minutes)

  • Speaker: Maria Paz Canales, MAG Member 

3. UN Secretary-General's Roadmap for digital cooperation (20 minutes)

  • Speaker: Ben Wallis, Microsoft

  • Speaker: Yu Ping Chang, Office of the UN Secretary-General's Envoy on Technology

  • Q&A


4. Advancing global digital cooperation (30 minutes)

  • Speaker: Seán Ó Siochrú, Research Director, NEXUS Research Cooperative 

  • Speaker: Jyoti Panday, Researcher, Internet Governance Project

  • Speaker: Executive Director, Diplo Foundation

5. Role of IGF in future (20 minutes)

  • Speaker: Fiona Alexander, Distinguished Policy Strategist, School of International Service, American University

  • Speaker: Paula Martins, Global Policy Advocacy Lead, Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

  • Q&A 

6. Conclusion (5 minutes)

30-Minute Break

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PART II [15:00-16:30 UTC]

Trust, security, stability

This preparatory session will introduce attendees to the policy issue around Trust and ‎Security, one of the crosscutting issue areas of IGF2021. The session will provide an ‎overview on the topic including  defining key topics such as trust, security, cyber norms; ‎discuss the existing initiatives underway such as the OEWG, UNGGE, reflect on the IGF ‎‎2020 and the key messages related to Trust, the work being done by the BPF Cybersecurity ‎and Dynamic Coalitions, discuss the policy questions framed vis a vis the accepted ‎proposals; explore issues or areas being missed and finally have a community deliberation to ‎take a feedback on the planned IGF2021 Plenary  and more key topics/issues should be be ‎discussed related to the topics.‎


Moderator: Amrita Choudhury

Phase 1

Introduction to the session (30 mins)‎

  • ‎General Overview  (5 mins)‎

Speaker: Lucien Castex, MAG Member, AFNIC

  • Defining  the key topics : trust, security, cyber norms, etc  (15 mins)‎

Speaker: Sheetal Kumar, Senior Program Lead, Global Partners Digital

  • What to expect from IGF 2021 ‎(5 mins)

Speaker: Iombonana Andriamampionon, MAG Member, BPF Cybersecurity Facilitator

Audience Interaction: (10 mins)‎

Phase 2

Thematic approach (50 mins)‎

  • ‎ Discussion on the key cluster of issues being discussed at the IGF (40 mins)‎

- Cyber norms & Standards

Speakers: Xiadong Lee, Founder and President of the Fuxi Institution; Commissioner, Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace

Anastasiya Kasakova, Senior Public Affairs Manager, Kaspersky

- Cybercrime

Speakers: John Hering, Senior Government Affairs Manager, Digital Diplomacy, Microsoft

Michael Ilishebo, Digital Forensic Analyst and Cyber Crime Investigator, Zambia

- Cybersecurity Cooperation and Capacity Development

Speaker: Adli Wahid, Senior Internet Security Specialist, APNIC

- Security of Digital Products & Encryption

Speaker: Mallory Knodel, Chief Technology Officer, Center for Democracy & Technology, Global Encryption Coalition

There will be a deep dive into the topics within the wider context and linking this ‎year's work to the previous work. The participants will be provided an overview of ‎what is framed by the community and what is planned, the issues covered in the ‎chosen workshops/ sessions  and discuss if there are any missing or new issues.

Audience Interaction (10 mins)

Phase 3

Community engagement (20 mins)‎

Take community feedback on what is being planned to be discussed during the main ‎plenary session on Trust and Security during  IGF2021, if some other issues need to ‎be discussed and how to engage the community globally/locally ahead of Katowice.‎

  • ‎ Take feedback in an interactive discussion within the  plenary of the planned ‎main session at IGF 2021  (10 mins‎)
  • ‎How do we engage the community globally/locally ahead of Katowice? (10 ‎mins)

Conclusion: Summarizing the key messages (5 mins)‎

Session Report

Trust, security, stability