IGF 2021 WS #193
Balancing supply and demand side policies for connectivity

Organizer 1: Anamaria Meshkurti, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Speaker 1: Jaroslaw Karol PONDER, Intergovernmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organization
Speaker 2: Meliha Kovacevic, Government, Eastern European Group
Speaker 3: Dominique Wurges, Private Sector, Western European and Others Group (WEOG)


Anamaria Meshkurti, Intergovernmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organization

Online Moderator

Anamaria Meshkurti, Intergovernmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organization


Anamaria Meshkurti, Intergovernmental Organization, Intergovernmental Organization


Other - 60 Min
Format description: Workshop

Policy Question(s)

Barriers to universal and meaningful access: What are the main challenges that people face in obtaining and making full use of Internet access? To what extent are these the result of social, economic and cultural factors, and to what extent do they result from aspects of the digital environment? How can we use the responses to these questions to better understand the intersection between digital policies and other policy areas? Can this understanding help us to develop and implement more realistic Internet-related policy goals?
Leveraging infrastructure and technology innovation and development: How can the significant expansion of mobile infrastructure around the world, as well as other existing and emerging technologies such as satellite, fibre, and wireless networks, be used to expand affordable access?

This session will focus on both the matters of hard (Broadband connectivity ) and soft (digital skills) and how they help diminish the barriers to universal access, how they make for meaningful connectivity (with digital skills).


9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
17. Partnerships for the Goals

Targets: SDG 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation – the session will address how to ensure that a balanced approach to ICT infrastructure development can fully unleash the digital transformation that is inclusive and underpins meaningful participation in the economy and society.
SDG 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development – the session will also discuss the role of meaningful and inclusive connectivity as a cross cutting opportunity to benefit achievement of all other SDGs. This requires an effort from the ICT community in involving non-ICT stakeholders and fostering new partnerships for sustainable development based on connectivity.


Full Title: Ensuring meaningful and inclusive connectivity: Balancing supply and demand side policies for connectivity in the Europe region

Description: Broadband connectivity is of great importance to make full use of the potential of the Internet. Hard infrastructure, however, is no longer enough; soft infrastructure such as institutions, laws, strategies, and appropriate policies are needed. This session will seek to engage stakeholders in a holistic discussion around broadband development in Europe, focusing on challenges and success stories.

Expected Outcomes

This session aims to raise awareness, share best practices, and ignite a discussion on meaningful and inclusive connectivity. The session attendees will be able to learn more about the changing approach to broadband development in Europe as well as challenges and success stories.

This session will be an interactive panel discussion, fully virtual. The ITU has held several events online when participants have interacted through asking questions, the chat function as well as polls.

Online Participation

Usage of IGF Official Tool. Additional Tools proposed: We might be using polls with platforms such as pigeon hole etc.