IGF 2022 Global Youth Summit

Monday, 28th November, 2022 (08:15 UTC) - Monday, 28th November, 2022 (09:45 UTC)


We are living in a time when each and every aspect of our lives is going through digital ‎transformation, from education and work to communication and entertainment. The COVID-19 ‎pandemic has highlighted ‎the power and importance of digital technologies. While the physical ‎distancing measures associated with ‎the pandemic have closed schools across the world, disrupted ‎people’s ability to work and forced families ‎and friends to stay apart, the Internet has enabled ‎many to continue their education and jobs and ‎maintain social interaction.‎

However, the increase in the use of online technologies prompted by COVID-19 has exacerbated ‎many ‎digital policy-related issues and has starkly illustrated the widening gap between the ‎connected and ‎unconnected. For example, it has highlighted the importance of issues related to ‎online security and ‎safety, data protection and utilisation, as well as freedoms and rights on the ‎Internet. Even before the ‎pandemic, there was broad recognition of the need to conquer the digital ‎divide, particularly the gender ‎digital divide, as well as online segregation and discrimination of ‎various marginalised groups. These ‎problems have been around ever since the Internet entered our ‎lives, just over 50 years ago, and the ‎complexity and global nature of the issues require the ‎involvement of multiple generations. The ‎youth of today will be tomorrow’s Internet leaders and ‎experts. The sooner we start developing the capacity of today’s youth, the sooner we can start to ‎make progress, across the generations, and create an Internet that benefits all. ‎

About IGF 2022 Youth Track and Global Youth Summit
Building on the demand from young people, as well as on the outputs of the last year’s Global Youth ‎Summit and related youth engagement opportunities, the IGF 2022 youth track aims at creating a ‎set of activities to connect youth from around the world among themselves, and also create ‎opportunities for them to network with senior stakeholders, experts in Internet governance. As ‎digital transformation was among the topics of interest to youth, the capacity development ‎activities tackle specific issues nested under this broad theme.‎
Following hosting of the four capacity development workshops which outlined some of the most ‎specific aspects of digital transformation and associated digital policies, the IGF 2022 Global Youth ‎Summit will provide an opportunity for the lessons learned through the workshops to be further ‎distilled and discussed with those holding positions of impact, decision shaping and decision making ‎power. The next generation of experts and leaders will meet the current generation of experts and ‎leaders to provide action-oriented insights on the following policy questions:   

  1. Opportunities for social prosperity digital transformation provides. How domains of ‎education, economy and peace can be advanced by going digital?‎
  2. Challenges preventing from fully benefiting from digital transformation opportunities. ‎Looking into ways to mitigate online harms, prevent cyberattacks and protect human rights ‎online.‎
  3. Toward a better digital future! What to do now for a better tomorrow? Action oriented ‎insights on ways to ensure a safer, more secure and sustainable digital environment through ‎synergies between the current and next generations of experts and leaders.‎

Some of the most experienced experts will engage in a dialogue with some of the most active youth ‎from around the world.‎

Moderator: Ms. Anriette Esterhuysen, IGF MAG Chair 2020-2021‎


  • H.E. Ms. Huria Ali Mahdi, State Minister, Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Ethiopia
  • United Nations Under-Secretary-General of DESA, Mr. Li Junhua
  • Youth LACIGF coordinator, Mr. Umut Velasquez
  • DotAfrica Foundation, Chairman Board of Trustees, Mr. Barrack Otieno
  • Youth Polish IGF coordinator, YCIG, Ms. Emilia Zalewska
  • ISOC Foundation youth programme lead, Ms. Mauricia Abdol Tshilunda
  • DiploFoundation, Director of Cybersecurity and E-diplomacy, Mr. Vlada ‎Radunovic 
  • Youth IGF Ghana coordinator, Ms. Edinam Lily Botsyoe 
  • Internet Society South Africa member, Ms. Thoko Miya
  • Youth IGF Russia coordinator, Mr. Roman Chukov 
  • Member of Parliament of Germany, Mr. Tobias Bacherle 
  • Youth APrIGF coordinator, Ms. Jenna Fung 
  • Youth Myanmar IGF coordinator, Ms. Phyo ‎
  • Office of the UN Youth Envoy, Ms. Hillary Bakrie


  • Ms. Elisabeth Schauermann, German Youth IGF, YOUthDIG (coordinates rapporteurs*)‎
  • Ms. Ines Hfaiedh, Tunisia‎
  • Ms. Stella Teoh, Malaysia Youth IGF‎
  • Ms. Thoko Miya, ISOC South Africa
  • Mr. Ananda Gautam, Youth Nepal IGF‎
  • Ms. Cynthia Chepkemoi, ISOC Youth IGF Ambassador
  • Ms. Phyo, Myanmar Youth IGF‎
  • Ms. Afi Edoh, Togo IGF and West African IGF, African IGF‎

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  • Global Youth Summit Hashtag: use the hashtags #Youth #IGFYouth. For example, #IGF2022 Global ‎‎#Youth Summit... 
  • Meeting Title Hashtag: #ResilientInternet ‎

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