IGF 2023 Village Booth #56 Tsinghua University


Platforms and Tools for Collaborative Internet Governance
The is a collaborating project by 23 research institutions from 12 Asian and 2 European countries. It aims to develop the key technologies required for the collaborative management and governance for IPv4/IPv6 networks, and to foster a collaborative environment in which data can be acquired, analyzed, and shared. In addition, credit-based cooperative governance was investigated. Several platforms and tools are developed under this project, including:
GPerf: An active network measurement platform. People can simultaneously use multiple probes located in different locations in the world to monitor target domain names and obtain periodic detection results.
BGPWatch: A global BGP monitor system that provides free service monitoring BGP hijacking events, conducting AS-specific route statistics and analysis, and helping operators effectively monitor their ASes.
Looking Glass: provides access to several educational networks in Asia and supports several commands such as “ping”,“traceroute”, “show bgp route”.
FlowWatch: A passive traffic measurement and analysis system, which can identify the protocol or source application of traffic data by monitoring the original traffic data and extracting IP, port and other information. At the same time, it aggregates the information, and displays the statistical results.
CGTF RIS: Collects and logs BGP routing information observed from different ASes. This routing information can be used for network diagnosis, historical BGP event review, and scientific research etc.