Ms. Gunela Astbrink

Gunela Astbrink has been active in disability policy, programs, and research for over 25 years and brings this experience to Internet governance.

Gunela has organized workshops and spoken at national, regional and global IGFs as well as participating in NETmundial in Brazil. Gunela is a member of the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) Multi-stakeholder Steering Group. Gunela was an inaugural Australian IGF ambassador.

She is Vice-President of the global Accessibility Special Interest Group of the Internet Society and is a member of the Pacific Islands Chapter of the Internet Society.  Gunela was on the Board of the Australian ISOC Chapter for 10 years.

Gunela was the National Coordinator of TEDICORE for 10 years representing persons with disabilities to achieve better access to telecommunications and Internet services in Australia.

Her broad Internet governance expertise enabled her to teach Information Policy and Governance to postgraduate IT students at Griffith University’s Department of International Business and Asian Studies.

Gunela participates in ICANN’s Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organization (APRALO) and has served on the At-Large Board Candidate Evaluation Committee and on the Internet Society’s NomCom. Gunela is an ATLAS III Ambassador having been selected as a participant in ICANN’s 5-yearly At-Large Summit held in Montreal, Canada in 2019 to support thought and change leaders.