Zambrana, Roberto ‎

Roberto Zambrana, is from La Paz, Bolivia. He is an engineer, with a Master´s ‎degree in telecommunications and currently a PhD candidate.‎
He has been working in telecommunications, information systems and Internet ‎fields for more than twenty years. From 2002 to 2006 he led ICT Program for the ‎largest university in Bolivia, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, teaming with the ‎Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and with the Swedish ‎Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER). In 2007 he was appointed as ‎ICT Senior Advisor for the Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI), ‎working with the Bolivian Education Ministry in their ICT Program. He also ‎worked for the Telecommunications Vice Ministry, supervising several ‎telecommunications programs related to community networks, Internet ‎regulation and mobile telephony systems. After that, working in Science and ‎Technology Vice ministry he was in charge of the design of the National ‎Scientific and Academic Network. ‎
During the past 10 years he has been in charge of the ICT Sector in the local ‎Government of La Paz city, part of his responsibilities are related to policy ‎formulation and legislative drafts elaboration, regarding telecommunications ‎infrastructure and Internet Service.‎
He is a teacher in several universities for undergraduate and post-graduate ‎programs related to telecommunications, computer and wireless networks, and ‎network security and management. He is also a moderator for ISOC training ‎courses, “Building Wireless Community Networks”, and “Shaping the Internet – ‎History & Future”.‎
He is the Bolivian IGF Coordinator and also coordinator of Bolivian National Regional Initiative (NRI).‎