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BPF Gender and Access

About this BPF
Since its beginning in 2015, the Best Practice Forum (BPF) on Gender and Access has focused on different aspects of women’s meaningful access to the Internet: online abuse and gender-based violence (2015); barriers for accessing the Internet (2016); identification of the needs and challenges of diverse women’s groups with respect to Internet access (2017); and the impact of supplementary models of connectivity on women’s Internet access (2018) were the topics addressed by the community. During these years, the BPF Gender has worked in a bottom-up process that allowed to collect, from diverse stakeholders, valuable data and anecdotal evidence of the challenges that formed the digital gender gap.

2019 Work Plan
The 2019 edition of the Best Practice Forum on Gender and Access will focus on the opportunities and challenges that women face to gain necessary skills to benefit from the future of work in the framework of the digital economy. This BPF will explore what happens after access, how feminist principles are being used to build new narratives and models of economic collaboration beyond the traditional competition business models for shaping the digital economy. Full work plan outline available HERE.

Preparatory Process

REVIEW the draft output report !

Beyond access: Women, transgender and gender non-conforming people's participation in the digital economy, version of 21 November 2019

And please check and add to the: List of initiatives and resources relevant to women, transgender and gender non-conforming people's participation in the digital economy


  • Review the report here and the list of resources here
  • Send your feedback to gender at
  • Format: email, or word/pdf attached to an email
  • If your comment is on a specific section or paragraph, please indicate this clearly! 
  • Deadline: you can submit feedback on the draft document until the last day of the IGF2019 meeting. However, we would appreciate receiving your feedback before Friday 22 November, as this would allow us to take your comments into account during the BPF workshop in Berlin.
  • Received feedback will be posed on this page (unless the author indicates that he/she prefers the feedback is not published) and will feed into the final BPF output report.  

BPF Gender and Access Session at the Berlin IGF

Date and time: Wednesday, 27 November 2019, 16:40-18:10 (90 minutes)

Venue: Estrel Saal C

Session outline available here


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