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Public survey: Dynamic Coalitions and their role in the IGF ecosystem


In 2021, the Dynamic Coalition Coordination Group (DCCG) and the IGF Secretariat are developing a paper to document Dynamic Coalitions’ (DCs) experiences and explore their role within the IGF ecosystem. As part of this work, we are running a public survey to collect input from the IGF community on how they see DCs and their contributions to IGF processes. 

We invite members of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) and the broader IGF community to respond to this survey by filling out the form below by 25 July 2021

Note: If you have an IGF Community account, you can load your profile data in the form below and even keep a draft before submitting. (If you do not have an IGF Community account yet, you can create one now and re-access this form – and any other in the future – with your profile data).

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General info
Indicating your name and email address is not compulsory, but these details may be useful to us in case we need to reach out to you to clarify some points in your answers.
To find the explanation of the regional groups, please click here.
DCs visibility and activities
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Would you like to comment on your response?
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Would you like to comment on your response? E.g. Is there anything about the work of DCs that you would like to understand better? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the way in which DCs are presented online?
Some DCs produce output documents in the form of papers, reports, studies, etc. These are usually presented at the DCs sessions at the annual IGF and published on the DC webpages.
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Would you like to comment on your response?
DCs and the future of the IGF
One example could be to use DCs as expert think tanks or research teams for specific issues.
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