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Day 0 Events

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Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet)

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #1 GigaNet 2020 Symposium

Mauritius IGF

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #2 Bridging Stakeholder Gaps to Eliminating barriers to participation in Internet Governance Processes.

ICT Foundation for Development - Libya

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #4 North Africa Stockholders Coordination meeting


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #7 Innovations and Synergies Across Data Ecosystems for the SDGs

European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG)

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #8 EuroDIG - Open Forum


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #9 IGF LAC Space

Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT)

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #10 An open discussion about tackling terrorist and violent extremist content with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism.

5Rights Foundation

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #11 Digital Cooperation and Children’s Rights


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #12 Stop stalkerware: tackling digital stalking helps victims of domestic violence

Internet Society

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #13 Internet Society's Collaborative Leadership Exchange (CLX)

European Schoolnet - Insafe

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #14 The corona virus pandemic: A global crisis is showing us how to live online

Alliance for Affordable Internet (Web Foundation)

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #15 Why Plan for Broadband?: A4AI Affordability Report 2020 Teaser & Discussion


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #16 UNESCO’s launch of IGF Dynamic Coalition on Internet Universality ROAM-X Indicators and presentation of national assessments

Missions Publiques

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #17 We the Internet - Experiencing the Global Deliberation



IGF 2020 Pre-Event #18 High Way or Wrong Way? Discussing chances and challenges of a global data governance framework

Wout de Natris

Mark Carvell

Marten Porte

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #19 Let's work. Deployment of internet standards and secure ICT products and services


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #20 Automating Society - we'll show the evidence

Africa ICT Alliance

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #21 AfICTA - Driving the digital potential of Africa

Internet Voices

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #22 The Polish Relish : Fresh Ideas

Instance Nationale des Télécommunications

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #26 Internet Governance challenges in crisis periods: Covid 19

The Future Society

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #27 National AI Strategies & AI for Sustainable Development

Just Net Coalition

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #28 Data governance from an economic perspective --- Issues of economic equity and justice

Al Sur

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #29 How applicable are Human Rights Standards in the Context of COVID-19: A Latin American perspective on surveilling the pandemics

International Chamber of Commerce

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #30 From Principles to Practice: Artificial Intelligence and the Role of the Private Sector

Internet Governance Caucus

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #31 Civil Society Coordination meeting: a Public Interest Internet discussion

Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #32 Environmental justice and an anti-extractive internet : impacting policy through developing a feminist principle


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #33 Internet 101

Derechos Digitales

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #34 Latin America in a Glimpse: Automated Decision-Making, Discrimination and the Internet


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #35 City open data platform - prototyping solutions for citizens and businesses

The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #36 2020 Cyberstability Stocktaking of Norms and Institutional Dialogues

The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #37 Protecting the Public Core of the Internet: from formulation to implementation

The session is organised by MyData Global, an international non-profit which advocates for a human-centric approach to personal data, based in Finland. 

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #38 MyData for smooth post-COVID19 recovery. How can ethical data sharing help build a more resilient future.

FGV, ISOC, APC, Centrum Cyfrowe and Free2Air

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #39 Internet Commons Forum

OpenForum Europe

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #40 Interoperability: Openness in the Age of Platforms

Internet Society India Chennai

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #42 Stakeholder Balance: Do we need factored balance, factored differently between one Governance topic and another?

Huawei Poland

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #43 How 5G will help economies to rebound from the pandemic?

Habitat Association

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #45 Youth's role in Capacity Building Activities


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #47 DNS-Abuse in the age of COVID-19

Polylat in partnership with Cities for Digital Rights Coalition


IGF 2020 Pre-Event #50 People-focused Smart Cities

African Internet Rights Alliance

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #59 Lessons from the African Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA) on Protecting Digital Rights in Africa

IGF Support Association (IGFSA)

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #94 IGFSA General Assembly

Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network

IGF 2020 Pre-Event #97 Forum of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network

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