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  1. IGF 2019 WS #104 Integrated Policy Framework Key to Realize Digital Inclusion

    Thematic Track:  Digital Inclusion Topic(s):  Access Digital Divide Economic Development Organizer 1: ... to Theme: Digital technologies have transformed the economy, creating extraordinary opportunities for economic development, ...


  2. IGF 2019 WS #178 Human-centric Digital Identities

    ... Governance Topic(s):  Data driven economy Digital identity Human Rights Organizer 1: ...


  3. IGF 2019 WS #319 Freedom or Regulation?: Data on Online Commercial Platform

    ... Governance Topic(s):  Data driven economy Economic Development Internet Ethics & Regulations ... those platformers? Does it bring bad or good future for a digital economy? 【Sharing experts’ opinions: (20 mins)】 A young ...


  4. BPF Gender and Access (2019)

    ... benefit from the future of work in the framework of the digital economy. This BPF will explore what happens after access, how feminist ...


  5. Governance Challenges in the Digital Age: Finding New Tools for Policy-Making

    ... to one of the three IGF 2019 themes Overview Digital technologies are transforming society at a pace never seen before, in ... G20 Ministerial Statement on Trade and Digital Economy (2019)  (paras 21-24 on "Governance Innovation - Agile and Flexible ...

    Main Session

  6. IGF 2019 Approved Day 0 Events

    ... 5 IGF 2019 Pre-Event #5 As a stakeholder in the digital transformation, can civil society make its voice heard? Federal ... 2019 Pre-Event #23 The 3rd German-Arab Forum on the Digital Economy Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association EMA in collaboration with the ...


  7. IGF 2020 WS #158 Convergence of emerging technologies for digital trust.

    ... Description: As the internet and digital economy expand, trust remains a foundational principle for the global economy. ...


  8. IGF 2019 WS #381 Unpacking Digital Trade Impacts: Calling all Stakeholders

    ... Topic(s):  Cross border data Data driven economy Economic Development Organizer 1: Civil ... as explained above, aims to discuss the subject of digital trade as well, policy development processes dedicated to this area and ...


  9. IGF 2017 Lightning Sessions

    ... - 14.10        SpeakUp Barometer - How to assess digital participation ... must recognize their responsibility to public policy in the digital ... Work and Play: Emerging Youth Practices and the Digital Economy                               ...


  10. IGF 2019 – Day 2 – Estrel Saal C – BPF on Gender & Internet Governance: Session at the Berlin IGF

    ... Women and gender diverse peoples participation in the digital economy. The report has much more about the participation of woman, so ...

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