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Baniala, Dalsie

Dalsie Green Baniala is the former Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting ‎Regulator, at the same time the CEO for the Institution. She has over 10 years of experiences ‎regulating a Telecommunications and Broadcasting competition market in a small size ‎population of just over 280,000 people who are enjoying the benefit of ICT and broadcasting ‎across the archipelago.  ‎

She is currently providing Regulatory advisory functions to the Deemed Regulator and his staff, ‎served as one of the board members for the newly established organization “Vanuatu National ‎Internet Governance Forum” – VANIGF secretariat and working on a community project, personal ‎initiative “ICT to celebrate, promote and preserve cultural and traditional values”.‎

She has range of experiences and understanding on executive activities and specific regulatory ‎functions such as spectrum management, internet Governance, interconnection, Universal ‎Access policy projects, numbering management, general quality of services, required standards ‎of ICT products, consumer protection, universal services and access and more other digital ‎activities happening within their region.‎

She has been providing effective and efficient high level executive support to her fellow ‎Predecessors and the Senior Dignitaries for its stakeholders and importantly providing policy ‎advice to the Hon. Prime Minister of Vanuatu who is the Minister responsible for ‎Telecommunications and Broadcasting services.‎

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