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Dahmani, Wafa

Wafa Dahmani Zaafouri, is Senior Engineer head of NIC/LIR department in ATI responsible for  the management of the national ccTLD registry ".tn" and the National Register IPv4 / IPv6 (Local Internet Registry). She is also the vice-chair of the national MAG-IGF, former ALAC member,ccnso member, AFTLD excom member and  chair of the governance committee and appeal committee within AFRINIC.
She has more than seventeen years of experience (since 1999) in systems and network administration, software engineering, requirements analysis, architecture design, implementation and management of Internet core network services.
Wafa’s in very active in internet governance locally, she is vice chair of Tunisian National IGF since 2013, she also attended several regional IGFs as speaker (arzb IGF, North African IGF and AFRICAN IGF).She was selected as ALAC member for 2016-2017. Today she is very active in ccNSO working groups and the Middle East strategy and lately joined the programming committee of the Middle East DNS forum to serve till 2019.
She is also leading the working group of the AFRICA DNS Observatory.
Wafa is an eternal student of nature, including curiosity and self-learning as an essential tool in the creation of added value and efficiency in mastering the new challenges.

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