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DC-SIG: Introduction


Schools on Internet Governance (SIGs) have been around for over a decade. Having started with the
European School on Internet Governance (EuroSSIG) in Meissen Germany, the schools have spread
around the world. While some loosely followed the core based curriculum of the EuroSSIG, each of
the schools has developed its curriculum based on its local needs as well as local availabilities.
Some bring in international faculty, some prefer to restrict to local faculty.

Each of the schools has also developed its own method of funding as well as for selecting its
students. Some teach at a basic level to students who have no experience with Internet governance,
while others work with young professionals all of whom have some experience in Internet

Though different in numerous ways, the SIGs all go under a similar name and have much to share
with each other. There is no other forum where the SIGs can gather together and work on sharing
techniques, curricula, and educational innovations. Forming the Dynamic Coalition creates a space
where SIGs can work together, share, and improve the education offered by the schools. Creating a
Dynamic Coalition may also help to create some degree of common framework that will help the
consumers of the the SIG programs to understand what the schools can and cannot provide.

More information can be found at the DC-SIG website:

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