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DC3: Introduction

The need for a Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity (DC3) emerged during the IGF workshop 223 "Community Networks: a Revolutionary Paradigm", held in João Pessoa, during the 10th IGF. Workshop participants agreed on the potential of community networks in order to promote sustainable Internet connectivity and foster the full enjoyment of fundamental rights such as freedom of expression and self-determination. To this extent participants stressed the need to move forward the discussion on community networks and further analyse how such networks may be used to foster sustainable Internet connectivity while empowering Internet users. During the workshop, consensus emerged with regard to the need for international cooperation aimed at fostering synergy and coordination amongst different community networks. Such cooperation may be particularly useful in order to identify:

  • best practices for the development and maintenance of community networks;
  • sustainable organisational and financial models for community networks;
  • efficient software and hardware technology.

To address the aforementioned issues while fostering cooperation, many participants expressed interest with regard to the establishment of a new IGF Dynamic Coalition on Community Connectivity.

[New] Call for resources for 2021 report
DC3 invites all interested individuals to submit papers and essays exploring how community networks (CN) and alternative access models can be funded. Papers and essays will be compiled in the DC3 2021 report dedicate to Sustainable Funding Models for Community Networks.

Papers and essays must be submitted by 20 September 2021 and explore relevant issues such as (but not limited to):

  • Case studies of CN funding models
  • Networks as commons and consequent funding challenges
  • Use of cryptocurrencies to fund CNs
  • Public funding of local networks
  • Multistakeholder partnerships to fund CNs
  • Use of Universal Access Funds to support CNs
  • International partnerships and initiatives aimed at funding CNs
  • CN scalability and financial sustainability strategies

More details are available in the Call for resources.

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