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Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety (DC-ISSS) June 2021

DC-ISSS has issued a Mission Statement for its Working Group 3 on Procurement and Supply Chain Management. The document outlines the WG's goal of developing actionable and practicable policy recommendations and guidance to ensure that public sector procurement and private sector supply chain best practice and related professional training takes into account Internet secuirty and safety requirements. It also provides information on the activities and outcomes envisioned by the group.

Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries (DC-PAL) April 2021

DC-PAL launched a collaborative agenda-setting initiative for 2021. Through a short survey, DC-PAL members are identifying key trends and issues in the field of public access which are most relevant for their work and interests in 2021.

DC-PAL also welcomes suggestions from interested stakeholders and members of the Internet Governance community. Are you interested in public access solutions to expanding meaningful digital inclusion - e.g. shared access to connectivity and ICT, digital skills learning opportunities and key digital resources, to help tackle questions of equity and affordability?

You can share your insights and suggestions at

The deadline for input is 3 May 2021.

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