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Elanskaya, Yulia

As a former executive in a number of leading international telecom corporations, including, among others, Ericsson and Huawei, Ms. Elanskaya has gained a unique first-hand, detailed knowledge of technical peculiarities of the ICT market and operational environment. Having joined the Russian Federation Ministry for Telecommunications and Mass Media as a Deputy Director of the Department for International Cooperation, Yulia found herself in the epicenter of the global discussion on Internet Governance and to date has participated in a number of major international events on the issue.

Ms. Elanskaya also vigorously contributes to a policy-shaping process on the national level and has become well versed in issues pertaining to Internet governance. Ms. Elanskaya has been recently nominated the Russian Federation representative in the Governmental Advisory Committee of ICANN. She takes a strong personal engagement in interaction with the Russian multistakeholder expert community and as a member of the Russian IGF Organizational Committee has engaged in organisation and conduct of the Russian Internet Governance Forum. 

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