IGF 2017 WS #201 State-led interference in encrypted systems: a public debate on different policy approaches

Short Title: 
State-led interference in encrypted systems

Proposer's Name: Mr. Carlos Alberto Afonso
Proposer's Organization: Instituto Nupef
Co-Proposer's Name: Mr. Hartmut Glaser
Co-Proposer's Organization: CGI.br
Mr., Carlos, AFONSO,Civil Society, Instituto Nupef
Mr. Hartmut, GLASER, Technical Community, CGI.br
Ms. Jamila, VENTURINI,Technical Community, NIC.br
Mr. Diego, CANABARRO, Technical Community, NIC.br


Moderators – 5 min to welcome participants and explain rules

Two presentations on the topic discussed in the workshop – 10 min each

Multistakeholder roundtable of invited specialists ([8] selected participants) + audience raise questions based on the speakers’ presentations:

- 3 10 min rounds of Q&A invited specialists: 3 questions per round (2min each) + answers from each speaker (2 min each).

- 3 10 min rounds of Q&A general audience: 3 questions per round (2min each) + answers from each speaker (2 min each)

Moderators – 5 min to summarize discussions and close the session.

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