IGF 2017 WS #256 What´s going at the ITU, how it affects Internet Governance, and why you should probably care

Short Title: 
ITU, Internet Governance, and why you should probably care.

Proposer's Name: Mr. Gus Rossi
Proposer's Organization: Public Knowledge
Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Anriette Esterhuysen
Co-Proposer's Organization: APC
Ms.,Anriette,Esterhuysen,Civil Society,APC
Mr.,Gus,Rossi,Civil Society,Public Knowledge
Ms.,Deborah,Brown,Civil Society,APC

Additional Speakers: 

Robert Pepper, Head, Global Connectivity and Technology Policy, Facebook

Benedicto Fonseca Filho. Director, Department of Scientific and Technological Themes. Ministry of External Relations. The Federative Republic of Brazil

Deborah Brown, Global Policy Advocacy Lead, Association for Progressive Communications

Thomas Schneider, Ambassador  and Vice ­Director, Office fédéral de la communication

Mehwish Ansari, ‎Digital Programme Officer, ARTICLE 19


The workshop will be run as a roundtable discussion. Participants will be required to consider jointly a number of generic issues proposed to them by the moderators. This approach will make for a dynamic exchange, conducive to creative collective thinking on the issues at stake. Audience participation with on-site discussants will also be actively encouraged, both in-room and remotely. 

(10 min) Scene setting: what is the mandate and scope of ITU for Internet Governance issues?
(20 min) What are the ongoing efforts at ITU on Internet Governance?

(10 min) Why should the different IG stakeholders care?

(20 min) What are the most pressing issues? Plenipot 2018? OTT re-regulation?

(30 min) Q&As and discussion 

Session Format: Round Table - 60 Min

Country: United States
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society

Country: South Africa
Stakeholder Group: Civil Society

Speaker: Anriette Esterhuysen
Speaker: Gus Rossi
Speaker: Heather West
Speaker: Deborah Brown

Content of the Session:
What´s going on at the ITU? There are many important internet governance discussions coming up at the ITU, affecting the Internet of Things, the regulation of OTTs, and cybersecurity. Planning for the ITU’s major fora, like the 2018 Plenipotentiary Conference and the World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum are already underway. Yet, given the multilateral character of the organization, it is relatively hard for the broader internet governance community to follow those debates.

This session brings together the views of different stakeholders with participation or following the ITU (government officials, civil society, international bureaucrats, business leaders) and contextualize internet policy developments at the ITU them in the broader IG debate.

Relevance of the Session:
The IGF’s mandate includes facilitating discourse between bodies dealing with different cross-cutting international public policies regarding the internet and interfacing with appropriate intergovernmental organizations and other institutions on matters under their purview (Tunis Agenda para 72 b and c). As such, this session proposes to facilitate a dialogue amongst different stakeholders to exchange views on internet policy developments at ITU, and to enables the different stakeholders to understand the contextualize them within the broader of internet governance debate.

The objective of the session is not to debate the ITU’s role in internet governance, but to improve transparency around ongoing work and to discuss the ITU’s work on internet policy in an open, multi-stakeholder environments at the IGF.

Tag 1: Internet Governance
Tag 2: Internet of Things
Tag 3: Cybersecurity

Each speaker brings the perspective of a different stakeholder involved or affected by ITU decisions.

Richard Hill, retired ITU employee now running an NGO following the work of ITU (Association for Proper Internet Governance), would offer a perspective from the inside.
Heather West, Public Policy at Mozilla Corporation, will bring the perspective of corporations, and how they see what´s happening in the ITU.
Anriette, Deborah, and Gus contribute with the vision of civil society.
Thomas Schneider, Swiss Diplomat, Switzerland

NOT confirmed but invited:

Preetam Maloor, Strategy And Policy Advisor in the Corporate Strategy Division, Switzerland.
Benedicto Fonseca Filho, Ambassador, Brasil

Three of the five confirmed panelists are women: Anriette, Deborah, and Heather.
Two have been born in the Global South: Gus (Argentina), Anriette (South Africa) (Plus Benedicto Fonseca)
One is an immigrant: Gus (Argentina) living in US. (Plus Preetam Maloor,Strategy And Policy Advisor in the Corporate Strategy Division, Indian living in Switzerland)
One comes from the international public sector: Richard
Four work in civil society: Gus, Deborah, Anriette, Richard
One works in private sector: Heather
Two work for Governments: Benedicto Fonseca (Brasil), Thomas Schneider (Switzerland)

Onsite Moderator: Deborah Brown
Online Moderator: Melanie Penagos
Rapporteur: Gus Rossi

Online Participation:
The onsite and online moderators will be in permanent contact during the session. The input (questions, comments) of online participants will be prioritized onsite and incorporated constantly in the normal flow of the conversation.

Discussion facilitation:
The first 30min of the roundtable will be for the speakers to introduce the issues being treated at ITU. The rest of the time will be for debate and q&a with onsite and online participants. The goal of the session is to inform the participants of the different policy developments at ITU, and encourage dialogue among different stakeholders to deal with these issues.

Conducted a Workshop in IGF before?: Yes
Link to Report: http://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/index.php?q=filedepot_download/4118/336

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