IGF 2017 WS #76 Multistakeholder governance of the Domain Name System, lessons learned for other IG issues

Short Title: 
Governance of the DNS: Lessons for other IG issues

Proposer's Name: Mr. Nigel Hickson
Proposer's Organization: ICANN
Co-Proposer's Name: Ms. Dierdre Sidjanski
Co-Proposer's Organization: ICANN
William J Drake; Civil Society, University of Zurich Farzeneh Badii, Civil Society, Georgia Tech, Atlanta

Additional Speakers: 

Keith Drazek; VP, Public Policy and Government Realtions; Verisgin

Larry Strickling; Former Assistant Secretary at the NTIA, US Deaprtment of Commerce


Lori Schulman,  Senior Director, Internet Policy; International Trademark Association   


Ben Butler, Director of IT Security, GoDaddy

  1. Introduction of session (moderator)
  2. Brief explanation of how the Domain Name System is governed in a multistakeholder manner
  3. Perspective from stakeholders around the table
  4. Could this model be used for other Internet Governance issues and topics?
  5. Discussion with Audience
  6. Conclusion


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